People Stage Home Break-Ins To See If Their Dogs Will Actually Help Out

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If a burglar broke into your home, what would your dog do?

Have you ever wondered if your good boy or good girl would help you out or flee the scene? A real-life situation occurred in which an intruder kicked down the door of a home, and the two dogs inside ran off instead of teaming up to take him down. This got people really thinking about whether or not Fido is the guard dog he truly acts like he is!

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And so, it was put to the test! Inside Edition chose some households to stage break-ins to see what would happen. And most of the people came away a little disappointed with the outcomes! It seems there’s a whole lot of “all bark, no bite” stuff going on here, but the ones with the lowest expectations turned out to be the bravest!

Michelle loves her five-year-old yellow Labrador, Perry, but has her doubts as to whether he would be of much help in the case of an emergency. And when it was put to the test, she was hilariously proven right! When they review the film, they have a good laugh at Perry tucking his tail and making his way to the exit. 😀

But Ellen had some different luck with Frodo and Dobby. They may have been the smallest of the dogs tested, but they were the bravest! They employ the “splitting” technique to protect their mama and run the intruder out of the house. Bravo, little ones! 😀

See more dogs and their owners’ reactions in the video below!

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