Every Day, Woman Goes Out On Her Porch And Calls For Them To Gather And Eat

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Mother nature in her purest form is such a beautiful thing. A natural habitat full of animals makes for a calming and warm scene that just resonates deep within. As you watch the video below, try to imagine yourself in this woman’s shoes… I have to admit it makes me quite jealous!

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This lady lives amongst the hills and trees of Wyoming where she’s smack dab in the middle of nature doing its thing. And it’s as if she’s almost become accepted as part of it all the way this daily routine plays out. The creatures trust her and she trusts them, and it’s like something straight out of a Disney movie! But never has a children’s movie been so real…

Every day, she goes outside and calls for the gathering, and they know it’s time to eat. Before long, she’s surrounded by the majestic beasts who seem to appear out of nowhere!

There’s a reason they call her the “Deer Whisperer!” The woman pours the bucket of feed as she basks in the company of nature. The deer are so friendly, and you can see the one even eating straight out of the bucket as she’s holding it! What a lovely display. <3

See the amazing gathering in the video below!

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