Fox Shows Up At Grandma’s Door And Returns The Next Day With Friends

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Sometimes it’s nice to have a surprise visitor. Especially when they are of the furry variety from mother nature herself! The grandmother in the video below had her granddaughter over to her house in Illinois when they both got to experience a random hello from the wild…

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A baby fox cub showed right up to Grandma’s door as if to greet them, and they were taken aback by its friendliness and forwardness. And as cute and charming as this was, little did they know they were in for a whole lot more the very next day!

Fox sightings in this wooded area aren’t all that uncommon, but the manner in which this one just trotted up to the door and presented itself was pretty shocking. And the fact that the fox returned the next day with friends just confirms the fox liked what it saw! 🙂

The next day on the patio, two fox cubs were seen running around making the place their own personal playground as the mother fox looked on from the distance! They do this almost every day now with the mom watching over them from the bushes before leading them back home when playtime is over. Animals sure do have their ways of learning who they can trust, and when they do, it’s magical!

See the incredible moment in the video below:

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