How To Convince Your Elderly Mother To Stop Driving, From Mary Maxwell

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Mary Maxwell has all the answers! And she’s back in another segment of “Laughing with Mary” to take on all of your hardest questions to which she will give her best advice. Sometimes, that advice may seem a little extreme, but it’s always hilarious!

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In the video below, Mary reads off a question from Kelly from Norman, Oklahoma: “Mary, my mom has had two fender benders in the last couple of months. She claims they were not her fault, but once she backed into a pole, so it’s hard to argue that the pole was out to get her. My brother and I have suggested that she hang up the car keys. She absolutely refuses. We’ve explained that at 85 years old, her reflexes and eyesight just aren’t what they need to be to safely drive. We are happy to take her wherever she wants to go, but she insists she will keep driving until the state will no longer give her a license. I am terrified that she will hurt someone or herself. How can we convince her to stay off the road?”

I feel like it won’t be long until this is me they’re talking about, but I hope I can push it off a while down the road! 😅 Whether you’re getting up there in age or not, I think we can all relate to what Kelly is saying here. It’s a tough conversation to have, but Mary is never left speechless!

Mary gives her opinion, and as always, I’m laughing uncontrollably! She does have some very valid points here, you know? 😉

See her hilarious answer in the video below!

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