Dog Saved From A Burning Car Thanks Cop Rescuer With Kisses

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I can’t imagine a life without dogs. They do so much for us just being there by our sides, and they won’t hesitate to jump to action to help us when needed! It’s an unconditional love you can’t find anywhere else. So when it comes time to repay the favors, we can’t help but want to give them everything they deserve. Because let’s face it — we’re so far in debt to them, we could never truly pay them back.

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In the video below, one man had the scare of his life when his vehicle caught fire and his dog, Hank, became trapped inside. All he could think about was his best friend and companion stuck in there with the smoke. He called the cops, and a police officer arrived in no time. The first thing the man yells out is that his dog is still in the car, and the cop gets to work breaking out the windows…

The smoke comes billowing out of the vehicle, and the man reaches inside to pull his dog’s face out of the window to get some fresh air. The cop takes it from here as the dog appears stuck, and he gets Hank out and puts him over in the snow.

The dog is truly thankful for being rescued, and he thanks the cop in the best way a dog knows how — with lots of wet doggy kisses! Dog owners love their pets and would do anything for them, and this one saved his furry friend’s life with the help of one brave officer. A happy ending!

See the heroic moment in the video below!

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