Little Boy Moves Everyone With Best Man Speech At His Father’s Wedding

Your wedding day is a different type of special compared to anything else in life.

So when it happened to work out that this father was able to have his own son as his best man, he had to do it. And the boy was more than happy to accept! The two really are best buds aside from being family, and the new woman in the dad’s life has recently become very important to the both of them. Now, they can’t imagine life without her! So the boy made sure to make her feel special and included with his best man speech…

The heartwarming video below of an 11-year-old boy, Aidan Moreno, has taken the internet by storm. The young boy’s speech at his father’s wedding has gone viral and melted the hearts of people around the world. During the wedding reception, Aidan delivered a best man speech, where he praised his father’s new wife, Ashley, and expressed his gratitude towards her for making their family complete.

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Aidan’s speech was filled with genuine love and appreciation for Ashley. He spoke about how she is equally amazing as his father and how much she cares for him, which makes him happy. His words were so touching that they even brought Ashley to tears.

The clip was recorded by Bublo Houston, a live music band from Texas, and has garnered widespread attention on social media. It is a testament to the bond shared by the newly-formed family and the powerful impact that love and kindness can have on people’s lives.

See the speech that moved everyone in the video below!

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