Home Security Camera Captures What Owners Believe To Be An Angel Outside

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Seeing is believing.

And a couple of homeowners in Michigan are definitely believers after seeing what their outdoor motion-sensor security camera caught. The first image shows what looks exactly like an angel hovering above the pickup truck, while a second image seems to have captured the figure then flying away from the property.

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Local Fire Chief Glen Thorman was taken aback when he first saw the images taken by the outdoor camera. “I was just like, ‘Woah!’ I thought, ‘That’s an angel!'” he told Inside Edition. And his wife, Rhonda, is taking it as a sign that their home is blessed. “We’re just strong believers,” she said.

I have to say, if that’s not an angel, it looks just like how I imagine one! And seeing that at my own home may just be enough to convince me that I had a visitor of spiritual proportions. Scroll on below for the second image of the angel flying away…

Incredible. But social media had a mixed response. While some agreed with the homeowners, not everyone thought it was a sign from above. One comment read, “It looks like a moth that’s close to the camera.” What do you think? What do you see in the images?

Check out the video below and judge for yourself!

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