The Time A Horse Opened The Front Door And Turned A Normal Day Upside Down

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There’s nothing like having a pet. That furry companion who is always by your side and gives unconditional love. We’ve spoiled and conditioned them over the years to act more as humans than animals really, but have you seen this with a horse rather than a dog? Well, you’re in for a treat!

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In the video below, we have a man named Charles who rescued a horse from a Montana rescue. He fell in love with her right away and took her on a couple rides before taking her home. But it was just a regular Sunday on the day of the accident…

Amerigo was giving off bad vibes, and he could tell something just wasn’t right with her. But he made the mistake of pushing her when her body language was telling him otherwise. The horse kicked him off her back, and her hoof came down on his leg under his knee. But after a surgery and amputation, Amerigo became his support animal.

Fast forward to their new lives at home together when one day out of the blue, the horse opened the front door and let herself into the house all on her own! Charles couldn’t believe it. He never planned on having an indoor horse, but he got a different doorknob that allows her to more easily come and go as she pleases. Can you imagine? Even though he and Amerigo got off to a bumpy start, he credits her for showing him how to live again.

See their full story in the video below:

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