Generation Bridge: 4-7 Year Old Edition

(100+ question cards included)

Welcome to the enchanting world of Generation Bridge, this version delicately crafted for grandmas and their precious grandchildren aged 4-7. This isn’t merely a game; it’s a memory-making tool, a storytelling journey, and a bond-strengthening delight all wrapped into one magical experience!

Uncover the hidden treasures of your grandchild’s budding imagination as you navigate through questions designed to encourage their natural curiosity while letting you share your wisdom and love. Generation Bridge for ages 4-7 is your portal to explore the beautiful minds of your grandchildren, to let them wander in the garden of your experiences, and to build a bridge of understanding between your worlds.

Our digital game offers a new approach to connection – print out the cards for a more tangible play experience or keep it digital, reading directly from your phone or computer. This flexible design is perfect for spontaneous moments of bonding, whether you’re cuddled up for a story before bedtime or video-calling to make their day a little brighter.

As you play, you’ll watch as your grandchild’s eyes light up with the excitement of discovery – about you, about the world, and about themselves. They’ll giggle with delight as you share your stories and impart your wisdom, all while they feel the thrill of being in this unique spotlight.

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