From Miles To Smiles: The Definitive Guide For Long Distance Grandmas

Your guide to creating strong, enriching bonds with your grandchildren, no matter the distance.

Hey there, Super Grandma!

Welcome to your one-stop guide to navigating the joyful adventure of long-distance grandparenting. You’re about to embark on a journey that will help you bridge miles, create shared memories, and build a unique, loving relationship with your grandchildren…

About the eBook

“The Definitive Resource For Long Distance Grandparents” is an e-book penned by a long-distance grandma herself, sharing her experience, tips, tricks, and even a few tears. We promise, it’s the friendly companion you’re looking for.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover:

  • How to navigate the digital world to connect with your grandkids
  • Unique ideas for old-school snail mail that will charm them
  • Stories from other long-distance grandparents just like you
  • Amazing resources, including conversation starters, activity planners, and more

What’s Inside?

This friendly, relatable, and mildly humorous e-book is more than just a guide. It’s your cheerleader, your confidant, your toolkit.

Here’s a sneak peek into the chapters:

  1. The Joy and Journey of Long-Distance Grandparenting
  2. The Wonders of the Digital World
  3. The Art of Storytelling
  4. The Charm of the Non-Digital Touch: Snail Mail and More
  5. Activities to Share
  6. Stories From Other Long-Distance Grandparents
  7. Supplemental Resources: Printables and More
  8. The Wrap Up: You’re Not Alone!

You’ll also get printable resources that you can use right away, including conversation starters, activity planners, story prompts, and letter templates.

Ready to Join the Adventure?

Being a long-distance grandparent is a role filled with love, laughter, and the occasional challenge. This e-book is your ally in embracing all of it.

Join us in this exciting journey and discover how you can be the superhero your grandkids need, no matter the miles that separate you. 🙂

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