Generation Bridge: 14-16 Year Old Edition

(100+ question cards included)

Step into a world of engaging, thought-provoking conversation with the Generation Bridge, this one specially designed for grandmas and their teenagers aged 14-16. This isn’t just a game; it’s a journey of connection, a shared exploration of past and present, and a unique opportunity to strengthen the ties that bind generations together!

Teenage years are a time of self-discovery and change. Our game helps bridge the gap between generations, allowing grandmas to understand the unique challenges and aspirations of their grandchild while sharing their wisdom, experiences, and timeless stories.

Each card in the game initiates discussions that are relevant and engaging to your teenager. From dreams and ambitions to thoughts on the changing world, these cards help to create an open, honest dialogue, nurturing mutual respect and understanding.

Whether you choose to print the cards or read them directly from your phone or computer, this game provides a flexible, approachable platform for meaningful conversation. Ideal for a relaxed evening at home or a virtual hangout session, it creates a bonding opportunity that feels natural, enjoyable, and memorable.

As you play, you’ll witness your grandchild’s perspectives, their budding ideas, and perhaps, shared laughter over your teenage anecdotes. It’s a chance for them to gain insight into their family history, the world before digital dominance, and the wisdom you’ve gleaned over the years.

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