Learn The ABCs With Devoted Grandma (160 Pages)

If you’re looking for printable exercises to help your grandchild learn their ABCs, this is perhaps the largest package on the entire Internet!

It’s packed with captivating exercises that will guide your grandchild on their quest to master the ABCs. Each page has been thoughtfully curated to inspire curiosity, enhance recognition, and foster a love for learning. The playful, vibrant illustrations and captivating activities will hold their attention, ensuring learning feels more like a grand adventure and less like a task.

It’s more than just an educational tool—it’s a chance for grandmas like you to participate actively in your grandchild’s foundational learning. Whether you’re reading with them during a visit or guiding them through exercises during a video call, this ebook serves as a bridge, bringing you closer in this critical stage of their development.

The activities within the ebook gradually increase in complexity, matching your grandchild’s pace of learning and keeping them challenged yet not overwhelmed. From letter recognition to writing and phonetics, every crucial aspect of ABC learning is covered, paving the way for a smooth transition to word formation and early reading.

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