This At-Home Tea Party Makes for a Jolly Good Afternoon with Your Grandkids

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Do you fancy a spot of tea? While I am a coffee lover, I cannot even resist the lure of a fancy tea party, especially when it involves one of my grandkids! (While a tea party may sound more feminine, I have found that my grandsons love it, too, as it gives them a chance to show off their excellent manners while enjoying yummy cookies and bite-size treats.)

Since tea houses can cost an arm and a leg, I want to encourage you, Grandma, to host one with (or for) your grandkids, as it makes for a jolly good afternoon activity: 

1. Pick a theme

Tea party decor

Sure, you can always do a “tea” tea party theme (or does that means it lacks a theme?), but I love to tie in our activities with something else, whether it be a book, movie, or game. Maybe it’s a royal tea party with princesses and knights, or perhaps a teddy bear picnic? Whatever you choose, make it colorful, make it fun, and most importantly, make it ‘them’!

2. Invite your guests

Every proper tea party begins with a proper invitation, so let’s get crafty and create some unique tea party invites. If you like, you can even let your grandkids help design and distribute them to their stuffed friends, dolls, and other family members.

3. Dress code

A fancy tea calls for fancy wear – even if it is at Grandma’s kitchen table! Invite your grandkids to dress for the event, whether they come dressed to the nines or they raid your dress-up bin just before the party. (Don’t forget to don your finest garb, too!)

4. Plan and perfect your menu

Nicely set table for tea time

Tea parties are all about tiny, tasty treats. Think sandwiches with the crust cut off, mini cupcakes, fruit skewers, and of course, a selection of kid-friendly teas (or juice in a teapot!). Don’t forget to serve everything on your finest china! Which reminds me…

5. Tea party decor

Transform your living room or garden into a whimsical tea party paradise with fancy dinnerware, colorful tablecloths, flowers in vases, and even some handmade decorations. Your grandkids may not even realize they are still at Grandma’s house!

6. Teatime activities

While sipping tea and chatting is fun, we can add more sparkle to the day with some delightful activities. Make it an engaging affair with a mini-baking session before the party to make your dessert or maybe a little dance-off post-tea.

7. Manners matter

Kids having a tea party

What better time to teach a few essential table manners than during a tea party? This could be a fun and playful way to introduce the grandkids to some etiquette rules. But remember: It’s not about being strict, but about learning while having fun.

8. A toast to togetherness

A party cannot begin before a toast, so raise your glass and toast to this special time with your favorite people. These are the moments that truly make life sweet, so cherish them, capture them, and most importantly, enjoy them!


Hombae Tea Party Decorations

I am a sucker for Pinterest-worthy decor, so you better believe I scoured Amazon for cute supplies. How adorable are the “Let’s Partea” balloons? (Get it?)

96 Pieces Disposable Paper Tableware Kits

If you don’t want to break out the fine china (or if you worry about your little guests literally breaking it), you may want to consider paper or plastic ware with a beautiful print.

Floral Tea Party Cups and Saucers 24 Sets

Did I mention that you can also get paper tea cups? 😉


What are you waiting for, my fellow Devoted Grandma? Put on the kettle and warm those teapots because it is time to host the most enchanting, exciting, and memorable tea party ever. Cheers!

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