You And Your Grands Will “Fall” In Love With These Handprint Trees

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If there is one project that captures the here and now, it is handprint art, which captures a sweet moment in time. While simply painting their hand and planting it on a sheet of paper works well, I wanted to think outside the box for a more original keepsake.

Enter handprint trees: A heartwarming project that captures the essence of the season and the little hands that mean the world to you! Here is all you need to get started:


  • White cardstock or canvas
  • Paints in various autumn shades (reds, oranges, yellows, browns)
  • A paintbrush
  • A tray or plate for holding and mixing paints
  • Wet wipes or paper towels (for cleaning hands)
  • Markers or colored pencils for additional decorations or writing (optional)

1. Prep the canvas

Lay out your white cardstock or canvas on a flat surface. If you’re worried about messes, place an old newspaper or tablecloth underneath.

2. Painting the trunk

Using the brown paint and a paintbrush, paint a tree trunk and branches. The trunk should be thick, and the branches can stretch out across the page, ready to ‘hold’ the handprint leaves. After painting, let it dry for a bit.

3. Handprint leaves

Pour the various autumn shades of paint onto the tray or plate. Dip your grandchild’s hand into a color of their choice and then press it onto one of the tree’s branches, pressing each finger down to get the full handprint.

4. Mix and match

Encourage your grandchild to dip their hands in different colors, mixing and matching to create a vibrant fall canopy for your tree. Your grands can overlap handprints, use only fingers for smaller leaves, or even dab finger paints for additional texture.

5. Let it dry

Once your tree is full of colorful handprint leaves, set it aside to dry thoroughly. (Depending on the amount of paint used, it might take a few hours.)

6. Add details

Once the paint is dry, you can use markers or colored pencils to add more details like birds, a sun, or even write a special message or date on the bottom.

7. Display with pride

Once your masterpiece is complete, find the perfect spot to display it, whether it’s framed and hung on a wall, placed on the fridge, or even given as a gift to another family member.


What do you think? I find that handprint trees create a beautiful representation of autumn and capture a precious moment in time. As the years go by, you and your grandchild can look back and remember that day when your hands worked together to make a memory. What could be better?!

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