Your Grandkids Can Create Gorgeous One-Of-A-Kind Art With This DIY Nature Press

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If your home is anything like mine, your walls are adorned with beautiful, one-of-a-kind artwork made with love by your grandkids. While most of this artwork is a colorful – albeit random – mod podge of themes and mediums, I also like to incorporate projects that match my preferred aesthetic, like that of a DIY nature press! 

The next time you go on a walk, encourage your grands to collect various “trinkets” along the way so that you, too, can make nature art. Here is how you do it – I promise that you and the grands will love it:

1. Gather your materials

Start with the basics. This project doesn’t require any fancy shopping – in fact, most items are either lying around the house or are just a short trip away at the local craft store! Here’s what you need:

  • Two pieces of sturdy cardboard
  • Several sheets of paper (newspaper is perfect for this)
  • Heavy books or weights
  • Nature’s treasures: flowers, leaves, and even thin twigs

2. Embark on your walk

Before you even think of pressing, head outdoors! Whether your adventure leads you to your backyard, a beautiful park, or just around the neighborhood, let your grandkids take the lead. If you like, you can even share tales of your own childhood nature finds and make it a true bonding experience. (As an aside: Did any of my fellow grandmas have an affinity for collecting pretty rocks when they were little?)

3. Prepare to press

Once you have your materials, it is time to begin the long-awaited pressing process. Lay down one cardboard piece, and top it with a newspaper sheet. Then, let your grandchild artfully place their nature finds, ensuring none overlap. Another sheet of newspaper goes on top, followed by the second cardboard piece.

4. The waiting game

The age-old lesson of patience begins now. (Who knew that you would get such a teachable moment from this? Hehe.) Stack your heavy books or weights atop the cardboard setup. Find a dry spot for this assembly and allow it to sit undisturbed for about 7-10 days. Trust me, the reveal will be worth the wait!

5. Unveil and create

Once the days have passed, gather together for the grand reveal. Carefully lift the weights, cardboard, and paper to expose the transformed natural wonders. Marvel at the delicate beauty and then decide how to display them. The possibilities with this are pretty endless, as they can adorn frames, become bookmarks, or be a unique addition to cards or scrapbooks.


Isn’t this fun? Not only will you and your grandkids create a unique piece of art, but you’ll also be stitching memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy your new artwork, and let’s talk again soon!

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