How to Host Your Own Neighborhood Ice Cream Truck With Your Grandkids

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Remember the Good Humor Man? When we were kids, he was a favorite to children everywhere as he drove through our neighborhoods on hot summer days with his delicious assortment of novelties. While there are still ice cream trucks today, they are much different from what they once were, as they are harder to find and significantly more expensive than the $.15 cones and $.25 sundaes.

Most kids today will never know the excitement and nostalgia of the ice cream man… or will they? 

Grab your grandkids and bring the excitement of that catchy jingle to their friends and family by making your own ice cream truck (van/sedan/SUV). Are you ready to be the coolest Grandma in the neighborhood? Hop in!

Creating your truck

Child making a painting

The first order of business is making your vehicle feel like a real, old-school ice cream truck. Get the grandkids involved in creating a colorful sign, a la an old cardboard box to fit over a side window, with a slot for passing out ice cream and a display of your ‘menu.’ If you want to do something quick and simple, you can even print pictures of the items you’re “selling” and tape them to your sign!

Sound the alarm!

What’s an ice cream truck without an annoying jingle that you will be humming to yourself for days to come? Since no ice cream truck is complete without a song, you’ll want to find a classic ice cream truck tune online and play it from a portable speaker as you approach each house. (Let your grandkids pick out the tune – they’ll be thrilled to be part of the process.)

Keeping it cool

Since ice cream doesn’t keep well, you need to find a way to keep it chilled to not make a mess (and disappoint your customers). Pack a large cooler with dry ice or ice packs to safely store the treats.

Stock up

Ice cream bars

Now comes the fun part: Buying your inventory! Ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, and individually packaged ice cream cups are perfect, as are beloved treats from our youth, like ice cream drumsticks and fudge bars! (I highly recommend a Costco or Sam’s Club trip to stock up on treats.)

Ready the troops

Have the grandkids wear aprons and visors to play the part of ice cream truck servers. Trust me: They’ll be excited as they hand out the treats to their friends. An added bonus? It also gives them a wonderful sense of responsibility and joy in giving.  

Set the route

Plan out a route to friends’ houses, ensuring you’re welcome, of course. You could make little invitation cards ahead of time, letting them know the date and approximate time your ice cream truck will be making a stop at their home.

The little details

Kid sticking his head out the window

As you approach each house, start playing your jingle and have the grandkids ready at the ‘window’ to take orders and hand out treats. Remind them to flash their biggest smiles and offer service just like the good old days. (Ask them, “What would the Good Humor Man do?” and watch their smiles turn into looks of confusion. Hehe, kidding!)

Capture the fun

Don’t forget to take lots of pictures to document your Grandma/grandchild fun! Imagine the delight on everyone’s faces when they see an ice cream truck pulling up and their friends serving them their favorite treats. That’s a moment to capture and cherish.

Clean up crew

Remember, every good ice cream truck leaves no trace behind. Pack a bag for any trash, and encourage the children to clean up after their friends have enjoyed their treats.


I hope this inspires you to turn your vehicle into your own little ice cream truck! Remember, it’s not merely about the ice cream – it’s the thrill of recreating an experience that filled our own childhoods with magic and joy. As always, let me know if you try it, and let’s talk again soon. 🙂

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