Host a Themed Costume Day For Your Grandkids and Parade Around the House

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Is there anything better than a parade? I have found that there is: A parade that stars your grandkids and takes place right in your own home! Hosting an in-home parade for your grandkids is one of those memorable activities that you will all fondly look back on for years to come.

How does this concept work?

Gather up your dress-ups and clear a pathway – it’s time for some themed costume parade fun!

Costume Themes

Child in homemade aviation outfit
  1. Superheroes and Villains: Everyone can dress as their favorite comic book, movie, or TV show character.
  2. Famous Figures from History: Pick a person from history who you admire or find fascinating. (You will find me dressed as Jackie O.!)
  3. Magical Creatures: Fairies, goblins, unicorns, and dragons — the sky’s the limit with this whimsical theme!
  4. Sci-Fi Extravaganza: Characters or species from popular science fiction series, like Star Trek or Star Wars.
  5. Decades Party: Choose a specific decade and have everyone dress in the style of that time.
  6. Jungle Safari: Animals, explorers, plants, anything related to a wild jungle adventure.
  7. Mythology and Legends: Participants can dress as their favorite mythological creature or figure.
  8. Circus Spectacular: Clowns, acrobats, strongmen, ringmasters – your grands can dress as the whole circus team!
  9. Under the Sea: Fish, mermaids, divers, or even famous underwater explorers.
  10. Storybook Characters: Encourage participants to dress as their favorite characters from literature.

Assembling Costumes from Household Items

Arts and crafts pieces
  1. Superheroes and Villains: A bath towel can serve as a cape, while a logo can be cut from felt and attached to a t-shirt.
  2. Famous Figures from History: Wear any old-style clothes you have (if you are like me, you have MANY!), and use accessories like scarves, jewelry, or hats to enhance your costume.
  3. Magical Creatures: DIY wings can be made from wire hangers and tights, and you can use makeup to create fantasy looks.
  4. Sci-Fi Extravaganza: Use aluminum foil to create armor or alien attire. Cardboard – AKA all of those Amazon Prime boxes! – can be painted and cut for props.
  5. Decades Party: Let your grandkids raid your closet or check out thrift stores for this groovy theme!
  6. Jungle Safari: Animal-print clothes can be an easy solution. For explorers, khaki clothes and homemade binoculars from toilet rolls work great.
  7. Mythology and Legends: Bedsheets can be transformed into Roman togas or Greek robes, and tin foil can become a crown.
  8. Circus Spectacular: Clown costumes can be assembled with oversized, colorful clothes and some face paint.
  9. Under the Sea: Blue clothes, seashell accessories, and green ribbon as seaweed can create an easy sea-themed look.
  10. Storybook Characters: Most modern characters wear regular clothes – you just need to add a defining accessory.

Hosting a Costume Parade

Kid dressed up as a wizard
  1. Choose a Location: You’ll need a route for your parade. This can be as simple as your backyard or as complex as a route around your local park. In the past, we have even paraded around my house!
  2. Plan Your Music: Music can set the mood for the parade, so consider using portable Bluetooth speakers and choose music that fits with your theme, or just use upbeat, popular music to keep the energy high.
  3. Snacks and Refreshments: Set up a station with drinks and snacks, and plan them according to your chosen theme.
  4. Photo Opportunities: Set up designated photo spots along the parade route. You can use themed decorations to create a backdrop and encourage on-lookers (you, Grandpa, and the parents!) to take pictures.
  5. Parade Order: Decide on the order of the parade. You could sort it by costume categories or just let it be random.
  6. Set a Pace: Lead the parade at a steady pace, making sure everyone can keep up and be seen.
  7. Judging and Prizes: If you want to add a competitive edge, invite a few guests to be judges. Offer prizes for categories like ‘Best Costume’, ‘Best Homemade Costume’, ‘Best Themed Costume’, etc.
  8. Safety Measures: Make sure the path is safe and clear. If you’re hosting at night, make sure the area is well-lit.
  9. Clean-up: Make sure you have a plan for cleaning up afterward, especially if you’re in a public place.
  10. Have Fun: The most important part of a parade is to have fun! Encourage everyone to cheer, dance, and enjoy the day.


ALAOW Superhero Capes with Masks

Even if you aren’t having a parade, I recommend having lots of dress-ups on hand, whether they are homemade or store-bought. I LOVE these superhero capes and masks – and so do my grandsons AND granddaughters!

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If you are doing a royal or magical theme, pretty dresses and accessories are an absolute must for the girls 😉

Jeowoqao Boy’s Dress Up Costumes Set

If you are going to have princess dress-ups on hand for the granddaughters, these assorted costumes are a must for the boys.


I love a parade – especially when my grandkids are the stars of the show! I hope that you and your grandkids have as much fun putting on a parade as we have. As always, let me know how it goes – I love hearing from you, my fellow Devoted Grandmas.

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