Channel Your Inner Mary Berry When You Host a Baking Show With Your Grandkids

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Does anyone else love watching baking shows by yourself or your grandkids? Baking shows are a comfort I can watch anytime, as I find them relaxing and inspiring (have you seen the beautiful and delicious things they come up with?). This got me thinking: Wouldn’t making a baking show with our grandkids be fun?

Sure, it may not air on Food Network or the BBC, but it will still be a fun and memorable experience for everyone involved. Do you not have a production crew to call up? No problem, as you can easily make your own baking show with your grandkids by following these 8 easy steps:

1. Baking theme selection

Fresh baked cookies

First things first: You and your grands should pick your show’s theme! What will it be? A cupcake extravaganza? A cookie carnival? What about a pie palooza? Remember to keep it fun and simple so that even the little ones can fully participate.

2. Assemble the contestants

Sure, this is a baking show, but we’re not looking for professional bakers but enthusiastic taste-testers and flour-slingers, AKA your grandkids. Assign each one of your grandkids a fun ‘chef’ title to make it even more entertaining.

3. Set up your kitchen – err, studio

Transform your kitchen into a real baking set (minus Duff Goldman and Valeri Bertinelli). Arrange your ingredients neatly, set up your baking tools, and make sure everyone has their own ‘station.’ Remember, things don’t need to be too over-the-top. A chalkboard or whiteboard can be the announcement board for the day’s challenges!

4. Baking challenges

Kids helping out with the baking

Every baking show needs a challenge or two, which can be as simple as “Who can shape the funniest cookie?” or “Who can decorate the most colorful cupcake?” If you want to add a little drama, you can “accidentally” drop your finished product on the floor. Oops! Remember, the goal is fun, not perfection.

5. Dress the part

Everyone should look the part, so dig out the chef hats, aprons, and oven mitts. For added fun, you can even let your grandkids personalize their aprons with fabric markers and other adornments.

6. Lights, camera, action!

You might not have a professional camera crew, but you can make do with your phone or home camera. If you have more people, you can assign someone as the dedicated ‘cameraperson’ to capture all the flour-filled fun.

7. Judging time

Freshly-baked pastries ready to be served

While baking treats can be fun, trying everyone’s concoction is the best part. While most cooking shows eliminate a contestant every week, everyone on Grandma’s show is a winner. However, you can still crown contestants with fun titles like “messiest chef” and/or “most creative baker.”

8. Share the sweetness

Finally, after all the fun and games, it’s time to enjoy the fruit of our labor. Or should I say, the cookies of our labor? Share your sweet treats with neighbors, family, or enjoy them at a grand tea party.


Are you, my fellow Devoted Grandma, ready to don your baking hats and host the most delightful baking show your grandkids have ever seen? From the first dusting of flour to the last crumb of the cookie, here’s to a day filled with sweet moments and even sweeter memories. Have fun, and let’s talk again soon.

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