Grumpy Grandma: 20 Things That Were Way Better Back In My Day

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Remember when telephones had cords and televisions had antennas? As grandmas, we’ve witnessed the world change before our very eyes. Now, we’re left to navigate a sea of emojis, TikToks, and online influencers.

My site wouldn’t exist and you wouldn’t be reading this right now if not for modern technology, but that doesn’t mean the old ways weren’t a lot better sometimes!

Here’s my grumpy look at everything these kids have today and why it was better back in our day – even if maybe it wasn’t 😉


In my day, dating was simple. You’d meet someone at the local dance hall or through friends, and the rest was history. Nowadays, everyone’s swiping left and right on their gadgets, looking for the perfect match. Where’s the romance in that?


We used to have vinyl records, and flipping them over was our built-in exercise routine! Today, kids just press a button and have access to an endless playlist. I don’t think you can appreciate music the same like that.


I remember writing heartfelt letters and eagerly awaiting replies. Today, kids send each other emojis and gifs – what happened to the art of conversation?


Back in the day, we had to wait weeks to see how our photos turned out…. only to see that we accidentally blinked when it was taken. Now, everyone’s snapping selfies left and right, making duck faces and using filters to look like animals.


When we had only a few channels to choose from, we watched whatever was on, and we liked it! Nowadays, there are so many options, kids spend more time deciding what to watch than actually watching anything.


We learned to cook from our mothers and grandmothers, not from strangers on the internet. I can’t help but think that something special is lost when you learn to make a family recipe from a screen. (let’s just ignore that I put recipes on my site too…..)


The thrill of the hunt has been replaced by clicking a button and waiting for your package to arrive. Convenient, sure, but I’ll take my coupons to the store and wait in a long line anyway.


Newspapers may be a thing of the past, but at least they were useful for swatting flies and lining birdcages. Today’s online news websites just don’t have that same multitasking ability.

Maps and Navigation

Getting lost was half the fun of a road trip! These GPS gadgets have taken all the adventure out of exploring the world.

Work and Career

Job-hopping? That just sounds like indecisiveness to me. In my day, we stuck with a job and made a career out of it!


We didn’t need Google; we had encyclopedias and our grandparents’ stories. I’m not sure kids today even know what a library is!


Back in the day, we relied on buses, bicycles, and good old-fashioned walking to get around. Now, kids can just summon a car with a tap on their phones or zip around on electric scooters. They’ll never know the joy of sprinting to catch the last bus of the night or the satisfaction of finally finding that elusive parking spot!


Virtual hangouts will never replace a good old-fashioned potluck dinner with the neighbors. There’s just something about sharing food and laughter in person that can’t be replicated online.


Fast fashion? More like “wearing your siblings’ hand-me-downs”! In our time, we cherished our clothes and made them last, not just tossing them out for the latest trend.


These days, kids are all about TikTok challenges and viral videos. We used to have hobbies that required patience, skill, and creativity – like knitting, woodworking, and painting.


Who needs a fitness app when you’ve got a backyard full of chores and errands to run? Back then, exercise was just a natural part of daily life.


Booking vacations used to be an adventure in itself. Now, everything is just a click away, and you miss out on all the fun of planning and discovering. I’ll take staying with Aunt Edna on her lumpy couch over an Airbnb any day!


In the past, we had passbooks, paper checks, and face-to-face interactions with our bank tellers. Now it’s all about mobile banking apps, contactless payments, and faceless transactions. Sometimes, I miss the personal touch and the satisfaction of balancing a good ol’ checkbook by hand.


Kids today have parenting blogs, podcasts, and books to guide them. We just figured it out as we went along and hoped for the best. And you know what? Our kids turned out just fine!


Hashtag movements and online petitions can’t compare to the passion of a good old-fashioned protest. We marched for our causes, uphill both ways – in the snow!

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate some of the conveniences and opportunities that technology has brought. I mean, without it, I wouldn’t be able to grumble to all of you lovely grandmas on the internet! So, despite my grumpiness, I’ll admit that maybe, just maybe, there’s a place for both the old and the new in this world.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a TikTok dance challenge to practice.

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