96-Year-Old Woman Meets Great-Great-Grandson After Six-Month Wait

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Waiting can be the hardest thing. They say patience is a virtue, and it truly is a valuable quality in a person if you can accept and adapt. But the more you love something, the harder the wait. So when a grandchild comes into the world, that patience is tested more than ever!

With the pandemic, another obstacle was put in the way to overcome. And it delayed many of these first meetings and life-changing events. In the video at the bottom of the page, a 97-year-old woman had to wait a long six months to see her new great-great-grandson. It was a difficult period to endure, but it when it finally happened, it was well worth the wait!

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After a half a year, great-great-grandmother Ollie Mae Sutton was paid a surprise visit by baby Beckett. And the family made sure to record the the precious interaction…

If you live long enough, you just may be lucky enough to become a great-great-grandparent! I can’t imagine; It must be happiness overload! Little Beckett is far to young too ever remember this meeting, but it’s amazing that he will get to see the moment play out one day in the future. 🙂

See the wonderful moment in the video below!

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