Live To 100 Years Old With These 7 Tips From Dr. Oz

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Dr. Oz went on the Today Show for their special series “Living to 100” to share his seven secrets to living longer. And I want to stick around to be with my grandchildren for as long as possible, so I took this to heart. These are some simple and straightforward fixes, so I decided to share them here in written form for you all to see! Or you can just watch the video in full at the bottom…

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He starts the segment off with a pretty shocking fact; Two-thirds of how you age is determined by your lifestyle and diet, not your genes. So a lot of this is in our own hands. We control our destiny! Let’s get it started.


1) Black tea or coffee every day

The number one source of antioxidants in America is coffee. Caffeine is a huge benefit, so 2 to 3 cups (or about 200mg of caffeine) per day is recommended. Tea can also help keep you sharp and reduce cancer rates and Alzheimer’s. If you want to mix something in your drink, look no further than cinnamon! This reduces high blood sugar and helps your liver deal with insulin more effectively.

2) Raw nuts daily

All tree nuts and peanuts have shown to help people lose weight and reduce mortality rates by 20%! So have a handful of these (raw) every single day of the week and reap the benefits.

3) Purple foods

Naturally purple and blue foods are good for the brain. Blueberries, blackberries, and yes, red wine! If it comes from the ground blue, it will help you! 🙂


4) Daily walk

A simple walk of just 10 minutes per day does wonders. This will dramatically reduce your mortality rate, so find somewhere safe and easy to take a daily stroll, like in a mall.

5) Balance on one leg

Stand by a wall and see if you can balance on one leg. Since frailty is the number one killer of all of us, it’s important to stay limber to help weather the storm of any injury you may suffer. It’s all about how well you can physically handle these things.


6) Go to bed one hour earlier

Sleep is one of the easiest and most important things you can do to be healthier. Try to get an extra hour per night, whether that means going to bed earlier or getting up later. This affects cancer rates and high blood pressure rates and reduces the number one ager, hypertension, by a rate of 30%. Treat yourself with sleep!

Social Circle

7) Reach out to a friend every day

Humans are social creatures. By talking to each other and creating social networks, we weather storms of adversity and hold each other accountable. And today, it’s easier than ever to stay connected. If you can’t visit someone, send them a text message!

Combine hanging out with someone with that glass of red wine we talked about earlier, and we just create more and more reasons to live and persevere through the toughest of times. Give your heart that reason to keep beating, as he says. 🙂

Dr. Oz covers it all in the video below:

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