The Funny ABCs Of Getting Older Because, Well, We Can’t Stop It Anyway

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Ahh, getting older. It happens to all of us, so what can you do other than maybe laugh about it and make light of it?

Age is just a number, of course. But sometimes our bodies remind us that it’s a lot more than that too. Here’s a funny little thing I wrote the other day that I wasn’t going to post… but what the heck, here it is anyway!

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The ABCs of getting older:

A – Aging gracefully is a myth, but we pretend anyway.

B – Bifocals: because life’s too short to choose between near or far sightedness.

C – Can’t remember what I was going to say here…

D – Dentures are nature’s way of giving you a second chance at teeth.

E – Elastic waistbands are your new best friends.

F – Forgetfulness is just your brain’s way of making room for new memories.

G – Grumpy? Who’s grumpy? Get off my lawn!

H – Hearing loss? No, I’m just ignoring you on purpose.

I – Incontinence is just a fancy word for marking your territory.

J – Just because I’m old doesn’t mean I can’t be cool… right?

K – Knees: the original weather forecasters.

L – Liver spots are just freckles that took a long time to develop.

M – Memory is like a game of hide and seek – you spend more time searching than finding.

N – Napping is an essential part of any well-rounded day.

O – Older and wiser? More like older and wider.

P – Prostate exams are like surprise parties no one wants to attend.

Q – Quiet, please! My hearing aid is on the fritz again.

R – Retire? I’m just getting started!

S – Senior discounts: the one true perk of getting older.

T – The older I get, the better I was.

U – Underwear that fits is like finding a needle in a haystack.

V – Varicose veins are just your legs showing off their roadmap skills.

W – Wrinkles are just laugh lines that got carried away.

X – X-rays reveal our inner superheroes.

Y – You know you’re old when you injure yourself while sleeping.

Z – Zzz… Where was I? Oh, never mind.

I hope you enjoyed this quirky little take on aging. And don’t worry about that joke for the letter “A”… you can age gracefully and beautifully!

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