The ABCs Of Being A Wonderful Grandma: A Is For…

You know the alphabet and may have even taught it to your grandkids, but did you know that we grandmas have our own special ABCs? Yes, the basics are the same, but each letter has its own special meaning, just as each grandma is special and unique in her own way. Here are the ABCs of being a grandma, from A to Z:

A is for Adoring 

Grandmas love, cherish, and adore their grandchildren, and trust me – the feeling is mutual!

B is for Blessed 

What do you call a woman who raised good adults who now have their own children? Blessed. We call her blessed. (We also call her grandma, of course!)

C is for Cookies 

Whether it’s sugar, chocolate chip, or gingerbread, each grandma is gifted with a baking talent that comforts and delights the entire family. 

D is for Devoted 

There are many d-words that I could use to describe you (dear, delightful, and dandy, for starters), but I happen to be partial to Devoted 😉

E is for Educated 

Whether you attended college or received your education through life experience, you are the person many turn to should they have an important question or request. 

F is for Faithful 

Grandmas are faithful to God and our families, and we are not afraid to share either with those we encounter. 

G is for Grand

They don’t call us grand-ma for nothing! 

H is for Haven 

You, grandma, are a safe haven for your children and grandchildren. Your home, hugs, and advice give everyone comfort, a special trait that only grandmothers possess. 

I is for Impactful 

You may not see it, but you significantly impact those around you – especially those grandbabies! 

J is for Joyful 

Do you remember how happy your grandma used to always seem? This is how you are to your grandkids – joyful, cheerful, and always smiling. 

K is for Kind

Kind-hearted, kind-spirited, kindly… All these words describe you, for you are gentle, helpful, and kind as kind can be. 

L is for Loveable

Need I say more? You couldn’t be easier to love, grandma! 

M is for Mature

Yes, we are more mature in our years, but we are also more emotionally, financially, and mentally mature than the rest of our family. 

N is for Nifty 

Is there anything you can’t do? You can make things out of a ball of string, color inside the lines, and decorate cakes with the best of them. What does this make you? Nifty, of course! 

O is for One-of-a-Kind 

No two grandmas are alike, which makes you genuinely one-of-a-kind. (May I also say that your grandkids are so darn lucky to have been blessed with you as their grandma?)

P is for Patient

Scripture (1 Corinthians 13) says it best: Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth.

Q is for Queen 

Call it what you want: Grandma, matriarch, grande dame – I think you’re a QUEEN.

R is for Relaxed 

You have been there and done that, and you have learned through the years that life is short and can’t be taken too seriously. Don’t you wish you were this relaxed when you were the parent?

S is for Selfless 

You will give the shirt off your back should someone need it, and you are always ready and eager to help your family or anyone else. 

T is for Teacher 

Whether or not you realize it, you are always teaching those around you, whether through your example, by demonstrating how to do something, or by flat-out teaching someone how to do something (like teaching your grandchild to read or write).

U is for Ultimate 

You are so much to so many – a doting and loving grandma, mom, wife, friend, sister, and aunt. You are the ultimate you!

V is for Vibrant

When you’re pregnant, they say you have a glow, but when you are a grandma, you are positively vibrant (and beaming!) all the time.

W is for Welcoming 

Family is always welcome at grandma’s house, whether it’s a pre-planned visit or a spur-of-the-moment surprise.

X is for XO 

Grandmas are known for our hugs and kisses, and I am here to say that there is A LOT more where that came from.

Y is for Yarn 

Each grandma has her own hobby and talent, whether knitting (with yarn, of course), baking, or visual arts. What are you good at? 

Z is for Zippy 

You may not be as young as you were when you had your kids, but by golly, you still have energy, zip, and a pep in your step that helps you keep up with the grands.

Now you know your ABCs (next time won’t you sing with me?)! I hope this made you smile, as I had so much fun writing it just for you. Let’s talk again soon! 

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