This Is What Your Grandma Name Says About You – Which Are You?

When you have a baby, you ponder long and hard about that perfect name, as it is something your child will have for the rest of their life. Talk about a high-pressure situation! Do you know what is even more stressful? When you find out you are going to be a grandma and only have nine short months to decide what you would like your precious grandbaby to call you. Grandma names – like first, middle, and last names – are different from the previous, each saying something about the grandma and her personality. Have you ever wondered what your grandma name says about you? Have a look:


Woman and child snuggling on the floor
Flickr/Megan Hemphill (Prairie & Co)

Like a 1934 Chevrolet Coupe, you are timeless and are revered by all who encounter you. Who needs a fancy name when you are grandma?! (For the record, I, Devoted Grandma, see no problem going with the gold standard.) 


Grandma all wrapped up
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While you would have no real issue about going by grandma, you wanted something more unique to help you stand out from your grandchild’s other grandmothers. (Don’t worry – you’re still the favorite!) Grammy it is, and grammy it shall stay. 


Glowing grandmother

Another, albeit more standard, variation of “Grammy.” (Side note: If you go by granny, it is probably because you, too, had a granny and want to keep the tradition going.)


A sweetshop in a suitcase for the kids between the Dinner and the evening reception
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If you’re Nana, it means you are the special grandma. Not everyone gets to be the Nana, so wear your title like a crown. You’ve earned it. 


Grandmother, or "Nonna"
Flickr/Matteo Martinello

If you completely bypassed Nana and went straight to Nonna, you are 1000% Italian. Salute, Dear Nonna! 


The newborn with Mimi

Like “mama,” Mimi is one of the names that can easily roll off the tongue of a toddler, making it a perfect option for a grandma name! In addition to it being easier to say, Mimi is also a name for a fun grandma who is always ready to jump in puddles, rock climb, and ride a rollercoaster with you.


Grandmother, or "Oma"

You’re German – like, super-duper German. Okay, so maybe you do not hail from Germany and have perhaps never even visited, but you have German roots, hence the name. In addition to being a unique grandma name, it is just plain cool.


Grammy time
Flickr/Brendon Connelly

You could be the grandma, but you may also be the great-grandma. Whichever you are, Gigi is a classic choice that is easy for little kids to say, making it (and you, of course) an all-around winner!


Granny turns 83 today
Flickr/Angélica Portales

Straighten out your crown, Queenie, for your grandma name is as regal and outstanding as you!

Glam Ma

Grandma with dog

I first read about this years ago when Goldie Hawn became a grandma – err, Glam Ma. She was not feeling the old-fashioned name and coined this title, which I think is adorable and fabulous! Glam Mas are often glamorous (get it?) and, I have found, to be on the younger side. They love their grandkids as much as anyone and teach their grands the importance of style. 


Grandmother, or "Abuela"
Flickr/yomo 13

Isn’t it wonderful to be the Abuela? You are officially the matriarch of your family, and it is up to you to teach your grandchildren your family heritage, as well as various traditions, recipes, beliefs, and everything else that comes with being the head of the family. 


Grandma and child eating s'mores
Flickr/Don LaVange

You did an excellent job at parenting your grandbaby’s parent and received a much-deserved promotion! You’re no longer just mom, but rather MomMom. (It does have a nice ring to it!)


Martha Stewart
Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

You’re obviously Martha Stewart, who insists her grandkids keep it formal by calling her Martha.

Any other grandma name that didn’t make the list

Grandma Thanksgiving 2005

You are brilliant and unique and do not bend to the status quo. Way to go, Kiki/Loli/Memaw/insert your grandma name here. 

Did your grandma name make the list? Which are you? Whatever you go by, always know that you are loved and treasured and that your name is as special and unique as YOU! 

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