14 Words That Perfectly Sum Up Being A Grandmother

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Joy. Youth. Heaven.

These are just a few words describing what it’s like to be a grandma. While these words are undoubtedly positive and uplifting, they still don’t convey how incredible it is to be a grandma and how much we adore our grandbabies. Though I do not need to tell you what it is like to be a Nana/Gram/Yaya, I am still going to try to explain it via these 14 words that perfectly sum up being a grandmother.

Do you have any others you’d add?

1. Joy 

Grandma laughing with Rochelle

Since it is the first word in this article, I may as well give it the top billing on this list! Joy is defined as a “feeling of great pleasure and happiness,” which is precisely what being a grandma is. It’s elation. It’s ecstasy. It is the purest and most unbridled joy.

2. Youth 

Warning: No matter your age, having grandchildren will make you feel young and may result in spontaneous games of hide and seek, swinging on swings, and jumping on trampolines.

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3. Heaven 

“Oooh Heaven is a place on Earth!” If you know those lyrics, they remind me of my time with the grandkids.

4. Hope 

When we look at our grandchildren, we see hope: Hope for the future of the world and, selfishly, hope for the future of our bloodline. (Something in this world needs to change – I like to think our grandchildren will be the ones to do it!)

5. Humble

Embarrassed grandmother
Flickr/Sage Ross

Kids say the darndest things… And sometimes, it is at our expense! Don’t take it personally – they mean well, and we can write it off as a lesson in humility.

6. Creative

In addition to making us feel younger, grandkids make us even more creative, as we are almost always thinking of fun and new things to do with them.

For example, these 30 DIY projects you can do with the grandkids.

7. Artsy 

As I said, grandkids make us think outside the box and also inspire us to be more creative in an artistic sense. That said, begin stocking up now on paint, crayons, pencils, and other mediums of your choice!

8. Giving 

You want to give your grandchildren the world, so you give them as much of everything possible, including love, toys, and baked goods – LOTS of baked goods.

9. Prayerful 

I touched earlier on how scary the world is and how hopeful we are for our grandkid’s futures, so we pray. We pray A LOT. We pray for our grandkid’s safety and their future. We also give prayers for Thanksgiving to a God who loves us so much, He gave us our grandkids. 

10. Spoiling 

Spoiling the kids

…Do I really need to go into detail on this one? wink

Of course it’s important to spoil them without actually spoiling them. 🙂

11. Wealth

You may or may not have monetary wealth, but you are rich in love and happiness, and that, my friends, is the only wealth that truly matters. 

12. Selfless

You would give up everything to see your grandchild smile and would do anything to keep them safe. Being a grandma is a whole new ballgame that requires you to leave any shred of selfishness at the door (but we don’t mind).

13. Wisdom 

With age comes wisdom, as you have seen and done everything and have plenty of advice to give (but only when you are asked for it, in the case of your daughter-in-law). It isn’t just advice that you have, but you also know how to soothe a baby, heal hearts, and which games are best for each age group.

14. Homemade 

Whether it’s a homemade baby afghan, cards, or food, you know that everything is better when it is homemade, as it comes from the heart. 

Kinda like my receipt homemade playdough experiment. 😀

Probably dozens more words sum up being a grandma, but these 14 spoke to me the most! What would you add? Let me know 🙂 

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