A Short Prayer For The Grandchildren

There’s never a bad time or place to squeeze in a quick prayer to ask for blessings for the ones you love. Prayer makes the world go around, and we need more of it. And this is one I came across on YouTube that I thought I’d share as it felt like it was coming straight from my heart to my own grandchildren…

“I ask a special blessing upon my grandchildren. Fill them with your grace and bless them with every gift, to live their lives in faithful obedience to you…”

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“Touch their hearts and minds, and fill them with wisdom, knowledge, hope, and understanding. Help them to be loving, kind, and compassionate. Be their protector, and send holy angels to lead them and guide them as they go through their day. Bless their lives with peace, joy, and true happiness. Send loving friends into their lives who will be a blessing to them.”

“Keep them healthy and whole. Let your light shine brightly in them, and may they bring love and joy to all they meet. Bless them with healthy self images, and may they always know how precious they are to you and to me. May they grow to be responsible, generous, humble people of integrity and good sense. Lord, I place them in your loving care, and trust that you will always lead them, guide them, and love them. Amen.”

I just love it! Watch the video below to hear the prayer in whole. 🙂

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