The 11 Things My Grandkids Have Taught Me Without Saying A Word

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With our years (and years and years, hehe) of experience, we have many things we can teach our grandkids and those around us. Do you want to know what I have discovered? They may be young, but our grandbabies have much they can teach us, too! 

From the latest trends to technology and beyond, our grandkids have so much they can teach us and the rest of the world! If you think that is amazing, what if I told you they can teach us without saying a word? Here is what I mean:

1. Unconditional love

Ever notice how grandkids love us with all our quirks? Their hugs, their eager faces when they see us – it’s pure love, no strings attached. (Don’t you wish you could bottle it up and open it whenever you need a boost?) It’s a reminder of how love should be: simple, pure, and without conditions.

2. Finding joy in the little things

Whether it’s a game of peekaboo, making wishes on dandelions, or chasing bubbles, our grandkids are over the moon with the simplest activities. These kiddos have re-taught me that happiness often lies in the little, everyday things. What a priceless lesson!

3. Living in the now

Much like finding joy in the little things, our grands remind us to live in – and love – the now. Have you seen how immersed they get when playing or drawing? They’re not fretting about yesterday or tomorrow – They’re right there, in that very moment, fully and joyfully. It’s almost like a lesson in mindfulness, right in our own living room.

4. Bouncing back

From tumbling as they learn to walk to getting back on the bike after a fall, a child’s resilience is something to behold. They fall, they cry, but then they’re up and trying again, teaching us that setbacks are just steps to success.

5. Endless curiosity 

My grandkids’ endless ‘whys and ‘hows’ and their wide-eyed wonder at the world have nudged me to look at the world with fresh eyes and keep questioning and learning no matter my age.

6. Embracing emotions

Oh, how openly children show their feelings! A tantrum one minute, giggles the next? It sounds like a regular 5 minutes in the life of a toddler. 🙂 They wear their hearts on their sleeves and remind us of the strength of being open and honest with our emotions.

7. Patience, patience, and more patience

Whether it’s answering the same question for the umpteenth time or waiting as they slowly tie their shoelaces, our grands can sure school us in patience and show us the beauty of slowing down!

8. The art of forgiveness

Have you ever noticed how quickly kids can move on from squabbles? No grudges, no sulking – Just pure, forgiving hearts. They’re masters at letting go and living in peace, which we can all do better.

9. Boundless creativity

From their imaginative play to colorful drawings, our grands remind us that sometimes the most brilliant ideas come when you think outside the box (or color outside the lines)!

10. Listening beyond words

Their little gestures and efforts at expressing themselves without the full command of language have taught me to listen with more than just my ears. After all, proper understanding comes when you listen with your heart.

11. Authenticity in its purest form

Whether they’re donning a superhero cape to the supermarket or dancing wildly without a care, our grandkids embody authenticity. They’ve shown me the joy and freedom of being unapologetically oneself, which I strive to do a little more every day.


Aren’t our grandkids magical creatures? Seriously – do you know anyone else who has the ability to teach without saying a word? What a blessing they are!

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