10 Easy Things To Do To Show Your Love For Your Grandchildren This Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day: A day to celebrate those we love and show them just how much they mean to us! Since our grandchildren are some of the most (if not THE most) important people in our lives, you may be looking for unique ways to show them just how much you care, which is why I have compiled this list of 10 easy things to do to show your love for your grandchildren this Valentine’s Day:

Send surprise mail 

A surprise box package in the mail

If you don’t live close to the grandkids, surprise them with a little something in the mail! Whether you mail a cute card with stickers or stuff a box full of candy and miscellaneous heart-shaped knick-knacks, your grandchild will feel especially loved this Valentine’s Day.

Donut delivery

Valentine's Day donut

Grocery stores and donut shops alike tend to cash in on Valentine’s Day with lots of heart-shaped pastries and sprinkles, so grab a dozen or two to bring over for breakfast! (Don’t live close enough to drop off breakfast? Most major food delivery apps – like Doordash, Grubhub, or Uber Eats – will deliver them for you!)

Surprise them with lunch or dinner at their favorite restaurant

Chick-fil-A cow

Sharing a meal with your grandchild is a great way to bond and catch up, so take them out to eat at their favorite place. While going out to eat can be pricey, most kids prefer fast food and play places to anything sit-down, so you can even splurge for ice cream or another kind of treat.

Surprise them at school 

Kids engaged in the classroom
Flickr/Ohio University Libraries

Whether it’s a balloon or flower delivery – or you just pick them up for that special lunch out! – surprising your grandkids at school is sure to be a hit! (If you know the teacher, you may even be able to ask if you can come in and read the class a special Valentine’s Day story.)

Make them something 

Homemade Valentine Day crafts
Flickr/Flood G.

What’s your grandchild’s favorite treat? Whip up a batch! Are you excellent at crocheting? How about a new blanket or stuffed animal? Heck, you can even make a homemade Valentine with construction paper and a doily, and your grand is sure to love it.

Give them an heirloom 

God Save the Queen heirloom
Flickr/Luke Stearns

If you have a teenage or adult grandchild, consider passing down something to them now. Heirlooms are one of the most treasured gifts that many of us will ever receive, so consider passing along old family jewelry, books, antiques, or some other kind of trinket this Valentine’s Day!

Read them a special Valentine’s Day book or two

Grandma reading to her grandchild
Flickr/John Piwowar

There are SO many adorable Valentine’s books that you can share with your grandchild! Here are a few of my favorites:

Note: DevotedGrandma earns a small commission if you purchase through these links. Thank you.

(Don’t live nearby? Not a problem, as you can still read Valentine’s Day-themed books to your grandchild on the phone or via video chat!)

Buy them a gift 

Gift wrapped with a bow
Flickr/Jennifer C.

I know this one is super obvious, but it is still worth noting, as kids LOVE stuff. No matter your price point, you can find a fun surprise that your grandchild will love. (Thank you, Dollar Tree and Five Below!) 

Take them on a “yes day” date 

Young girl and grandmother on the swings together

Have you seen Yes Day on Netflix? It is an adorable movie about parents saying yes to their children’s requests, leading to a fun and heartwarming family adventure! Why not do the same for your grand this Valentine’s Day? Movie and popcorn? Of course! A picnic at the park? I’ll make the PB&Js! Dance party? I hope the grandkids are ready to see grandma boogie! 

Do a special Valentine’s Day craft 

Making Valentines
Flickr/Andrew Malone

Is it just me, or are Valentine’s Day crafts way cuter now than when our kids were little? Thanks to Pinterest, crafting with kids has never been easier, as there is a neverending selection of crafts to choose from! Even better? You can buy easy, pre-assembled crafts at most hobby and department stores!

There you have it: 10 easy things you can do to show your love for your grandchildren this Valentine’s Day! As you can see, you don’t have to spend a lot to make an impression – in fact, just spending some quality time and making memories together is usually the best gift you can give. I hope you and your grandchildren have the best Valentine’s Day ever.
With love from your friend, Devoted Grandma

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