10 Things Grandmothers Do That Usually Go Unnoticed

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When you are a grandma, you find that there are some things you do that go unnoticed. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily, as these unintentional overlooks happen with almost every job, but I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge you, dear Grandma, and all of the fantastic things you do for your children and grandchildren! On behalf of your family, here is a brief thank you for these 10 things grandmothers do that usually go unnoticed:

Assisting with finances (as needed)

United States currency in hand

This is obviously a case-by-case basis (and one that the grandchildren are often oblivious to). Still, there are times when grandparents have to step in to assist with finances, whether it be covering living expenses, paying for that big family vacation, helping with school tuition, etc. This significant undertaking is often kept secret, so I salute you, Grandma, for supporting your family in this selfless way! 

Making the best meals and baking the best desserts

Dessert on a plate with a fork
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I don’t know about you, but I never appreciated my grandma’s cooking until she was gone, and I no longer had it. How could I have taken that delicious fried chicken, pot roast, and those oh-so cinnamon-y cinnamon rolls for granted for so many years? Now we are the grandma, and it is our turn to make these delicious and nourishing meals for our families, which our children and grandchildren may inadvertently take for granted, too. 

Watching the grandkids 

Woman holding a baby

Mom and dad are grateful to have your help with watching the kids, but often, they don’t realize just what an undertaking it can be and how blessed they are to have such trustworthy and reliable childcare. The grandkids also don’t see the more challenging sides of it, as they are just so happy to have grandma here to play.

Constantly doing all the things 

Woman cleaning the kitchen sink
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When grandma isn’t whipping up a batch of her famous cookies, she (or, in this case, you!) is doing something else, whether it’s making something (via knitting, quilting, needlework, etc.), cleaning up, or assisting someone in need. Wonder Woman has nothing on you!


Kids standing outside of a store with snacks
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This is another one of those things that can be taken for granted, as a grandma’s job (and passion!) is to spoil her grandbabies. However, no one can love and spoil quite like grandma, which is another one of those things that many of us don’t realize until we don’t have it anymore. Keep loving on those grandkids – even if they don’t realize the importance of it now, they know their fun grandma is also their warm and safe haven.

Giving the best advice

After the groom put her veil over her face, his grandmother stepped in for a bit of advice

You have been there and done that, so when it comes to receiving advice, there is no one better to turn to than you! Whether it’s trouble with friends at school, parenting questions, or relationship advice, grandma is a pearl of wisdom who always has excellent ideas based on her own life experience. 

Telling the best stories 

Grandma telling stories
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Life experience brings sound advice and some pretty great stories, too! Tell your family about your childhood and early adulthood and share those stories passed down to you from previous generations. It may seem like a small thing but sharing these stories is such an important thing that can be passed on to future generations. 


Grandma saying a prayer

I know that not everyone believes in the same higher power, but as a Christian, I have seen the power of prayer in action MANY times, so you better believe that I tuck my family into my daily prayers! While my family may not realize they are being prayed for, I know they are and have seen the fruits of it on more than one occasion.


Elderly woman and man hugging
Flickr/Julie Falk

Think back to when you were a kid: Was there anything more comforting than being embraced by your grandma? For most of us, the answer is no, and now YOU have that same superpower with your familiar scent and loving embrace. (Need I mention that grandmas give the best back rubs? It doesn’t get more comforting than a good back rub!) 


Grandma playing with the grandson
Flickr/Jacob Tomaw

Whether or not you mean to, you are constantly teaching those around you, whether it be through your advice, what you do with your time, and how you live your life. Yes, there are even times when you intentionally teach, whether it’s sharing your recipes, passing along your hobby, teaching your grandchild to read, and so on.

I know you were not looking for acknowledgment or thanks for all you do, but I hope this list makes you feel seen and loved! Thanks for all you do, from both your family and your friend, Devoted Grandma.

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