13 (Possibly Evil) Ways To Get Your Teenage Grandchild To Visit You

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One of the most significant pain points for grandmas is getting teenage grandkids to visit, especially in this day and age when they are so darn busy with back-to-back activities and commitments. What is a grandma to do?

This list is all in fun and actually inspired by Rose in #1 below. The best way to get your teenage grandchildren to visit you is to always be there for them, keep an open minded, and love them without smothering them!

But we aren’t too old for a little trickery. Here’s a list of some ideas that are sometimes fun, sometimes helpful and sometimes a little too “evil” to actually do.

1. “One way to see the grandkids send them a check but don’t sign it, they will come”

Checkbook and pen

In case you missed it, Rose recommended this tip for grandmas who don’t get to see their grandchildren often. I think she’s on to something, don’t you?

2. The mystery gift

Send your grandchild a photo of a wrapped gift sitting on your table, claiming it’s something they’ve always wanted. The catch? They have to visit you to find out what’s inside.

3. The “accidental” pocket dial

Have you ever accidentally called someone because your phone was in your pocket and you moved the wrong way and dialed them? That’s a pocket dial.

For this trick, PRETEND to pocket dial them while talking to someone else about a fantastic event or surprise happening at your house. The idea is for them to overhear you.

They’ll be curious enough to come over and find out what’s going on.

4. Fake an emergency

Broken laptop screen
Flick/Richard Holt

Pretend you need their tech expertise for a “computer virus” or a “broken” smartphone that only a teenager can fix. (Don’t get too mad at me – I warned you that my ideas can be a little mean! :P)

5. Use social media influencers

Find a popular influencer who creates content they enjoy and ask them to make a shoutout video inviting your grandchild to visit. No, really – it’s easy with companies like Cameo, which connects you with celebrities that will record a personalized shout-out to your grandchild (or whoever).

6. Send a tempting care package

Mail them a box filled with their favorite snacks, but leave one crucial item missing, available only at your house.

7. Host a movie marathon

Movie snacks
Flickr/Amancay Blank

Invite your grandchildren over to watch the entire saga of their favorite film franchise, complete with themed snacks and decorations. Now, please excuse me while I figure out some Star Wars-themed snacks to accompany all 9 movies!

8. The irresistable challenge

Create a challenge that your grandchild can’t resist, such as breaking a record, solving a riddle, or completing a scavenger hunt.

If you rememember, I have an entire article on putting together a scavenger hunt. The key to this one is that they can do all of it without visiting you… but….

…make the final clue or reward waiting for them at your house.

9. The favorite food trick

This one goes without saying. What food can your teenage grandchild simply not resist? Make it and send them a photo… in the absolute best lighting of course!

If you want to step the “evil” up, you can send them a photo from the past, then when they arrive, make them cook it with you… but maybe that’s too far.

10. The Pokemon GO trick

Phone with Pokemon Go app
Flickr/Eduardo Woo

This one only works if your grandkids play Pokemon Go and if you know what the heck it actually is.

Tell your grands that you’ve discovered a rare, never-before-seen Pokémon hiding in your backyard, and the only way to catch it is to visit.

11. “Grandchild’s Day Out”

Offer a “Grandchild’s Day Out” with a tailor-made itinerary, including their favorite activities and food, only if they can beat you in a thrilling game of rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock. (Let me know if you get the reference!)

12. Invite them to a snack and gossip session

Offer your grandkids an exclusive invitation to the “Grandparent’s Midnight Feast Club,” a secret society that meets to enjoy midnight snacks and bond over shared interests. Since the session takes place so late, they may as well plan to spend the night, too.

13. The “Grandma’s going viral” trick

Record yourself attempting a popular TikTok dance or challenge and “accidentally” send it to your grandchild. Tell them you need their help to become the next big internet sensation, and they’ll come running to save your online reputation.

I want to hear from you: What are some ways that you get your teenage grandkids to visit? I hope this made you smile and/or gave you a little inspiration. As always, you are doing a fabulous job, my fellow Devoted Grandma. Keep up the great works and let’s talk again soon!

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