12 Things That Change When You Become A Grandma

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There are big differences between being a mother and a grandmother. And when you think about it, it’s actually pretty funny! With less responsibility and years of wisdom with which to build upon, the rules are a lot looser and the treats are much more frequent! Just try not to step on the toes of your children too much as they learn this parenting thing for the first time. 😉

You laugh when the grandchildren misbehave

Grandma being silly with a kid
Photo by William Krause on Unsplash

Now maybe your kids understand. How’s that for a taste of your own medicine? There’s nothing like a good old “told ya so!” 😛

Having a set bedtime becomes an arbitrary thing

Admit it. You put your child in bed on time every single night like clockwork. And now? It’s not such a big deal when you’re in charge of the grandkids. One more episode of Bluey can’t hurt!

You buy things for the grandkids you would have never bought for your own kids

That drumset looks like it would make a nice birthday gift for little Johnny. And those squirt guns? Let’s get one for each kid! Which brings me to the next point…

You spend more money on your grandchildren than you ever would’ve dreamed of spending on your own children

This mostly has to do with being retired and living on our own. With fewer bills, we have more disposable income. And boy do we love to spoil the grandchildren with it!

You keep a box of Moana band-aids in the cabinet beside the tube of Bengay

You don’t need much, just the essentials. Besides your own medicines, you gotta have some things on hand for when the grandkids pay a visit!

You always have candy in your purse for bribing purposes

Pink, green, and white sugared candies
Photo by Customerbox on Unsplash

I don’t want to say that sugar has replaced discipline, but I’m far more likely in this old age to give the kids a piece of chocolate to distract them a little bit!

A three-year-old is now teaching you things

As a parent, you were the one teaching lessons and showing the kids how the world works. Now? The three-year-old grandson is showing you how some game on the iPad works!

You defend your own parenting skills

You may have questioned yourself along the way as a parent hoping you made all the right choices. Today, you’re more than confident with how you did! “We did all those things and you turned out just fine!” 😛

You have a new outlook on your home

With all the time in the world, it’s not a thing to keep the small house tidy and in order these days. So if the grandkids wanna come over and run amok, I don’t even mind! And now with a better view of the big picture, a little mark on the paint on the wall doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Anything goes at Grandma’s!

You can’t get enough trinkets and keepsakes reminding you that you’re the #1 Grandma

A coffee mug that proudly states you’re the “#1 Grandma.” A throw-pillow that says your “Grandchildren are the Best!” Those silly and corny statements aren’t so silly and corny anymore. The more the better!

When the kid goes down for a nap, you do too

Woman napping on the couch
Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash

There wasn’t enough time in a day back when I was a mother. But now, when the grandson goes down for his nap, this exhausted grandma needs to catch some Zs!

Finally, you embrace this life as the elder statesman of the family

Let’s face it; No one wants to get old. But it’s better than the alternative! And now that old age is here, it’s a blessing to be in such a position in which we get to spoil the next generation. It’s all about spreading the love at this point!

Is there anything I missed? I had fun with this, and hopefully it made you smile. Because you gotta be able to take life in stride and laugh a little bit!

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