Grandma’s Ultimate Guide To Teenage Lingo (And How To Use It)

Every new generation has their own slang and jargon that the previous ones just won’t understand. It’s just how it goes. But don’t flip a wig, I’ve compiled a list of commonly used terms by today’s youth and the meanings behind each so you can be ready for whatever the grandchildren throw at you!

FOMO = Fear of missing out

Here’s some slang terms and jargon that today’s teenagers use often, which could be unfamiliar to a grandma. Keep in mind that slang evolves quickly, so some of these terms might already be outdated or replaced by new ones:

  1. Lit: Something that is exciting, amazing, or very fun. Example: “Grandma, the party last night was so lit!”
  2. FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out. The feeling that you’re missing out on something fun or exciting that others are doing. Example: “I have serious FOMO because I couldn’t go to the concert with my friends.”
  3. Yeet: An exclamation of excitement, approval, or a word to express throwing something with force. Example: “I just aced my test, yeet!”
  4. Salty: Being upset, angry, or bitter about something. Example: “He’s still salty about losing the game last night.”
  5. Flex: To show off or boast about something. Example: “She was flexing her new car on social media.”
  6. Ghost: To suddenly cut off communication with someone without warning or explanation. Example: “I thought we were friends, but then she ghosted me.”
  7. Stan: A combination of the words “stalker” and “fan.” It’s used to describe an enthusiastic and devoted fan of someone or something. Example: “My sister is such a stan of that pop singer, she goes to all their concerts.”
  8. Clout: Influence, power, or popularity, especially in social media or public life. Example: “He’s only hanging out with her because she has a lot of clout on Instagram.”
  9. Lowkey: Something that is secretly or subtly done, felt, or wanted; understated. Example: “I lowkey want to eat an entire pizza by myself.”
  10. Highkey: The opposite of lowkey; something you openly and strongly feel or want. Example: “I highkey need a vacation.”
  11. On fleek: Looking perfect or well put together. Example: “Her outfit is on fleek today.”
  12. GOAT: An acronym for Greatest Of All Time, referring to someone who excels in their field. Example: “That athlete is the GOAT; no one can beat their records.”
  13. Bop: A catchy song or tune that’s enjoyable to listen to. Example: “This new song is a total bop!”
  14. Woke: Being socially and politically aware or conscious, particularly about issues like racism, sexism, or environmentalism. Example: “She’s very woke and always attends protests for social justice.”
  15. IRL: An acronym for In Real Life, referring to experiences or interactions that happen offline. Example: “We’ve been chatting online for months, but I finally met him IRL last weekend.”
  16. Ship: Short for “relationship,” used to express the desire for two people (usually fictional characters or celebrities) to be romantically involved. Example: “I totally ship those two characters from my favorite TV show.”
  17. No cap: No lie, or telling the truth. Example: “That was the best pizza I’ve ever had, no cap.”
  18. Sksksk: An expression of excitement, amusement, or nervousness, often used in online conversations. Example: “I can’t believe we’re going to the theme park tomorrow, sksksk!”
  19. Vibe check: Assessing the mood or atmosphere of a situation or person. Example: “Before we start the party, let’s do a quick vibe check.”
  20. Fit: Short for “outfit,” referring to someone’s clothing and overall appearance. Example: “Your fit today is really stylish!”

Just when you thought you knew it all! 😛

Again, it’s essential to stay updated on new slang terms, as they evolve quickly. While you don’t need to use them yourself, being familiar with them can help you understand the conversations of younger people and what’s going on in the lives of your grandkids.

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