The 13 Things That Your Grandkids See In You That You Can’t See Yourself

As a grandma, your grandkids are the most extraordinary and perfect people in your life, but do you want to know a secret? You, grandma, are the same to them! It’s true! Our grandkids often see something in us that we can’t even see ourselves, including these 13 things that may surprise you:

Did you go to culinary school? Your food is the absolute best!

Cooking with Grandma

Your chocolate chip cookies are perfection, and your spaghetti and meatballs are divine. Heck, you even microwave chicken nuggets better than anyone. What’s your secret?

You are the greatest storyteller…

Grandma reading to little boy
Flickr/David Werner

It doesn’t matter if you’re reading a picture book or telling a silly story about their mom or dad, you have a way with words and timing that is music to your grandchildren’s ears.

…the most fun babysitter…

Fun with Grandma
Flickr/Robin Woltman

Do you ever worry that your grandkids get bored when they are with you? Not so! In fact, they are living their best lives thanks to all the extra ice cream, park time, and read-alouds they get when visiting grandma. 

…And the craftiest crafter

Little girl giving Grandma a temporary tattoo
Flickr/Tim Ellis

Whether you’re painting, molding play-doh, or just doodling, you constantly come up with the best creations that – in their loving eyes – resemble that of the Sistine Chapel.

HGTV has nothing on grandma’s house 

Grandma's house

Think back to your childhood and visiting your grandparents – wasn’t their house just one of the most magical places? Guess what? Your house is the same to your grandkids, thanks to the warmth, love, aforementioned chocolate chip cookies, and special toys/crafts/books they only get when visiting you!

The mere sight of you invokes happiness 

Happy Grandmother with the grandchildren

Whether it’s on Facetime or (preferably) in person, the sight of you invokes joy in your grandkids! (After all, you are one of their best friends, most prominent supporters, and you’re just plain fun.)

Grandmas always give the best advice 

Grandma telling a story

Forget therapists with their fancy degrees and certifications: Grandmas always have the best advice and guidance, whether dealing with kids at school cutting you in line or bigger issues that come with growing up. How do you do it? Two words: life experience (and, if I am being honest, a little Dr. Phil). 

You are one of your grandkids’ first (and best) teachers 

Reading time with Grandma
Flickr/John Piwowar

Whether you’re working with them on the alphabet, whipping up a yummy treat together, or demonstrating kindness through your actions, you are constantly teaching, and your grands are almost always learning something new. 

Grandma is there for all the big and small things 

Happy Grandma holding a newborn
Flickr/Greg Grossmeier

If you’re like me, you feel guilty if you miss one ball game or dance recital, but that isn’t what your grandkids remember. They remember all the times grandma was there, which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

All you do is give 

Grandmother and child celebrating Hanukkah
Flickr/Toby Bochan

You may feel like you’re falling short and not doing everything you can at all times, but that isn’t true. You give your time, love, and thoughtfulness, which everyone in your family notices.

You build them up 

Happy baby and Grandma

You may not even realize you do it, but you are constantly building up your grandkids by showing interest in what they say and encouraging them along the way.

Your touch is healing 

Grandmother and grandson
Flickr/Bev Sykes

You give the best back rubs and the warmest and most loving hugs. You may not know this, but your grandkids do, and those hugs are everything to them. 

Everything about you is perfect

Grandma posing in a chair
Flickr/Moody Man

Where you see wrinkles and age spots, your grandkids see kindness and beauty. Where you see shortcomings and imperfections, they see perseverance and integrity. Where you see grey hairs, they see gorgeous silver that only the best are blessed with. If only you could see yourself through your grandchild’s eyes – you would see just how incredible you are!

I hope these words – spoken on behalf of the grandchildren who love you dearly – build you up, dear grandma! Too often, we forget how special we are and how lucky we are to have this wonderful job. Keep up the great work from your friend, Devoted Grandma. 

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