10 Ways To Relive Your Own Childhood… With Your Grandchildren

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Is there anything better than seeing the world through your grandchild’s eyes? Selfishly, I have found something that makes grandkids even better (as if such a thing exists!): you, my fellow Devoted Grandma, get to relive your childhood through your grandkids! 

I am not saying that you should take anything away from them or make them do something for your sake, but rather introduce them to different games and activities from your childhood, including: 

1. Outdoor games 

Jump rope, hopscotch, and Red Rover… Is there anything quite as fun and nostalgic as these old-time games you used to play in the schoolyard? Since these games are no longer the norm, it’s up to you to introduce them to the grandkids! Not only will you be introducing them to something fun and interactive, but you will also get to relive parts of your childhood. 

2. Sharing old books 

Is it just me, or was our generation always reading when we were little? Thanks to the lack of screens (minus ABC, CBS, and NBC on our black-and-white TV!), we let our imaginations soar via the pages of a book and made friends with everyone from Nancy Drew to the Hardy Boys to the Boxcar Children. Revisit some of these classics with your grandkids – I have found that many of these stories have, surprisingly, stood the test of time. 

3. Beat ’em at a board game

It’s time to break out those old board games from your childhood and show those grandkids how to play (and win at) Chinese checkers! What will it be: Monopoly? Trouble? Sorry!? All of the above? Whichever you choose, it will be a memorable time for all and a trip down memory lane for you, Grandma! 

4. Movie nights with the classics

Our grandkids’ generation lacks John Wayne and Doris Day, and it shows! How does one remedy this? Pop some popcorn, dim the lights, and cuddle up for a showing of “How the West Was Won” and “Calamity Jane”! (My grandkids LOVE anything from The Marx Brothers, and I think yours will, too.) 

5. Rock around the clock with the oldies

Much like movies, they don’t make music like they used to. While this generation is accustomed to vulgar lyrics and deafening beats, we were raised on the music of Elvis, Chuck Berry, and, later on, those invading British! Introduce your grandkids to REAL music by playing some of these classics while you all dance around the kitchen. 

6. Writing

Kids today don’t write quite like they used to. When my face wasn’t hidden in a book, I wrote in a journal, composed stories, or wrote letters to anyone I could think of. Encourage your grandkids to do the same! A great way to do this is to send them letters and cards and ask them to respond. 

7. Cooling off with a bit of Good Humor

Who can forget the Good Humor Man? This saint of a human would drive his white truck around neighborhoods while blaring his familiar tune to all who would listen. Once you flagged him down, you would be treated to delicious ice cream treats that are still available on the shelves of your local grocery store. Go stock up and enjoy one with the grands this summer. 

8. Bubblegum-blowing contest

I recently discovered that my elementary school-aged grandkids could not blow a good bubble! What? To remedy this, I purchased some Big League Chew and taught them how to blow a perfect bubble. Now we have contests, and I am proud to say that they are almost as good as Grandma!

9. Drinking water from the hose

I don’t care what “they” say: Drinking water from the hose is a rite of passage for kids during the summer, and it isn’t going to hurt anyone. 

10. Drive-in movies

Last but certainly not least is a night at the drive-in theater! Wasn’t a night under the stars with your favorite leading man and lady the best way to spend a Friday night? While these outdoor theaters are harder to come by today, there are still a handful in each state. Find your nearest theater and prepare for a fun and nostalgic night out with the grands. 

What are some other things from your childhood that you like to do with your grandkids? I would love to hear them! I hope this inspires you to introduce those grands to some good, old-fashioned childhood fun. Trust me: You are all going to love it!

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