45 Thoughtful Questions to Ask Your Grandchild About Their Day

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It’s another beautiful day, and you know what that means: MORE questions to ask your grandkids that will build your bond! I have been sharing many lists of questions lately, but I am constantly hearing from you and how it is bringing you and your grandchildren together in new and different ways.

Are you ready for the next batch? I was hoping you’d say yes! 😛

Today, we are tackling our grandkids’ days. I hope that asking these will garner longer, more thoughtful answers than just “It was fine.” As always, let me know. 🙂

Grandmother and granddaughter sharing a precious moment
  1. “What was the most challenging part of your day, and how did you handle it?”
  2. “Can you tell me about a time today when you were really focused?”
  3. “Who did you enjoy spending time with today and why?”
  4. “Was there something you did today that you wish you could have done differently?”
  5. “Can you share one thing you’re looking forward to tomorrow?”
  6. “What was something kind that you did for someone today?”
  7. “Was there a time today when you felt proud of yourself?”
  8. “Tell me about a moment today when you felt really excited.”
  9. “Did anything make you feel frustrated or upset today?”
  10. “Was there a time today when you felt grateful? What for?”
  11. “What’s something interesting you observed today?”
  12. “Tell me about a moment today when you felt most relaxed.”
  13. “If you could change one thing about today, what would it be?”
  14. “Did you have any ‘aha!’ moments today?”
  15. “Did you help anyone today, or did anyone help you? What happened?”
  16. “What’s something you learned about yourself today?”
  17. “Did you face any problems or dilemmas today? How did you solve them?”
  18. “What’s something you’re curious to learn more about after today?”
  19. “Was there a moment today when you felt really brave?”
  20. “Did anything make you wonder or ask a question today?”
  21. “What did you enjoy the most about your activities today?”
  22. “Was there something that worried you today? How did you cope with it?”
  23. “Did you have any interesting conversations today? What were they about?”
  24. “What was the funniest thing that happened today?”
  25. “If you were the teacher, what would you teach your class tomorrow?”
  26. “What was something new that you tried today?”
  27. “Did anything surprise you today? What was it?”
  28. “If you were in charge of planning tomorrow, what would you do?”
  29. “What is one thing you did today that was helpful to someone else?”
  30. “Did you discover any new interests or hobbies today?”
  31. “Tell me about a decision you made today and how you came to that conclusion.”
  32. “What was the most creative thing you did today? Can you tell me more about it?”
  33. “If you could swap places with one person for the day, who would it be and why?”
  34. “Who made you smile today and why?”
  35. “What was the most unusual thing that happened today?”
  36. “Tell me about a new word or phrase you learned today.”
  37. “If you could take a picture of the best part of your day, what would it be of?”
  38. “What’s something you’re looking forward to doing tomorrow?”
  39. “Did you feel like you made a difference in someone’s day today? How?”
  40. “Did you notice any acts of kindness in your day? What were they?”
  41. “If you could describe your day using a color, what color would it be and why?”
  42. “Did anyone inspire you today? How so?”
  43. “Was there a moment today when you felt like you could do anything?”
  44. “What part of the day would you like to improve for tomorrow?”
  45. “What did you learn today that you want to remember in the future?”


Obviously, you don’t want to ask all of these at once, as it can overwhelm your grandchild, so begin with only a few at a time. I hope these questions not only provide insights into your grandchild’s day but also help foster a deeper connection with them. Let’s talk again soon!

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