A Letter To The Grandma Feeling Overwhelmed And Scared By The World Around Us

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I can’t count how many times my mind wanders to the Israeli-Hamas conflict daily. It makes me feel helpless, so I pray and donate where I can, but it isn’t nearly enough. All those children, both in Israel and in Gaza – many of whom are the age of my grandkids. I tear up just writing this and wonder how the mothers and grandmothers in those countries cope. 

It also makes me think of you, Grandma – how are you doing? I know that we have seen our fair share of conflict through the years, but there is something about having grandkids that makes these things seem even more cruel and darker. 

What kind of world are we leaving for them?

How can we keep them safe?

I don’t have the answers, but these thoughts inspired me to write a letter to my fellow Devoted Grandmas. I hope you can find solace in my words and know I am thinking of and praying for you and your families. 

My Dearest Grandma,

What is becoming of this world? It is a question I ask myself daily... do you do the same? I was younger during the Vietnam War (and was too young to remember the Korean War), but I remember thinking that its end would be the beginning of a more peaceful world.

I wish I still had those same rose-colored glasses... I sadly lost them as the years have gone on.

But amid all the chaos and heartbreak, I've also noticed glimmers of hope. The resilience of our grandchildren, the kindness of strangers, the simple gestures that make a world of difference. They say it's always darkest before dawn, and I hold onto that thought... I have to. Because just like the world has seen countless sunrises after its darkest hours, we too can find our ray of hope.

Grandma, in these times, our roles become even more crucial. We are the keepers of stories, history, and love, and it's our job to pass these on to our grandkids. They look up to us, not just for tales of our past, but for guidance on navigating their future. And while we might not have all the answers, we have something even more potent: a lifetime of experiences.

It is hard to imagine our grandkids navigating these challenging times, but do you know what? They were put in this time and place for a reason. Our grandbabies could have lived at any time in history, but God put them here and now. I pray that you can find hope and reassurance in that. 

While we cannot shield our grandbabies from every harm or prevent every sorrow, we can teach them resilience, kindness, and hope. It's okay to have days when you feel overwhelmed or scared, but remember to lean on your loved ones and each other. We grandmas have a network of experience, love, and understanding that's unmatched.

Though the world may seem grim now, brighter days are ahead. There is beauty still left in the world, and our grandkids are proof of that. Let's focus on filling their days with memories of joy, laughter, and, most importantly, love. Through these moments, we can hope for a brighter future for them.

God bless you, my fellow Devoted Grandma. Stay strong, pray, and remember that we can face anything together.

Thank you for being here, friend. Keep doing what you do best: Loving on those precious grandbabies, AKA our future! (Doesn’t the future seem brighter because of them?)

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