A Heartfelt Open Letter From A Grandchild To Their Grandmother

There is no denying that your grandchildren are your absolute favorite people and that you do not know how you lived so long without them, but did you know that they also have those same strong and loving feelings for you?

There is nothing quite as sacred and pure as the bond between grandmother and grandchild (you can read my thoughts here via this open letter to my grandchildren).

All the proof you need is in this open letter to a grandma from her grandchild:

To my Grandma: My first friend, greatest supporter, and favorite person.

From the moment that we met, I knew you were someone special. 
Your touch was soft, and your embrace warm.
I was in a new place and felt confused, but your quiet voice repeatedly whispered that I was an answered prayer and loved beyond measure.
I knew you were special then, and the older I get, the more I can see and feel it.

Since I was born, you have been my loudest cheerleader, biggest supporter, and greatest ally. 
You are my soft landing when I fall
and the gentle breeze that propels me when I fly.
You carried me when I was little, 
and now you gently guide me down my path.

You lift my spirits,
Love me unconditionally, 
And taught me so much of what I know.
You may think that what you do goes unnoticed, but I see you.
We all do.

The prayers, advice, and sacrifices. 
The picking up, the cooking, and the doing.
I see you, and I love you even more for it. 
How do you put such deep gratitude, respect, and love into words? 
How can we make you see just how beloved you are? 

You, my dear grandma, are the feeling of the warm sun on my skin,
And the sound of waves crashing on the shore.
You're Christmas morning every day,
Cherry blossoms in the spring,
And the perfect watercolor sunset.

You're selfless.
You're the picture of love and warmth. 
You're the one I want to call whether I'm celebrating or struggling.
I pray that I can be all these things for you, too.

Where you see laugh lines, wrinkles, and roots that need to be touched up every six weeks,
I see beauty.
The beauty of a life well-lived.
The beauty of growing older and aging gracefully.
The beauty of soft skin and a warm smile that extends from your lips to your eyes.
Not everyone gets to live long enough to be a grandma, but I am so glad you do.

You are my rock, my haven, and my heart.
You are my grandma, and I am your grandchild.
I will adore you immensely in this life and will search long and hard to find you in the next.
I love you.

Do any of my fellow grandmas feel like they could have penned this exact thing for their grandkids (instead of the other way around)? The bond between grandma and grandchild is something special, and I hope this open letter reminds you of just how loved and treasured you are!   

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