23 Off-the-Wall, Borderline Crazy Ideas For A Grandma To Do With Her Grandkids

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Ever since I started this site, I’ve been writing about things to do with the grandkids. I can only suggest “go to the park” so many times before you get bored to death with the same old stuff!

So, here’s my attempt at thinking outside the box. Put on your imagination hat, get a little crazy, and show your grandkids that you’re still young and full of life. Because I know you are!

Here are 23 extremely silly ideas that’ll have you connecting with the grandkids like never before. 🙂

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1. The Funky Fashion Show

One time I put on a wild fashion show with my granddaughter. We raided the closet for crazy outfits and wigs, walked the “catwalk,” and snapped fun photos for memories. It sounds crazy and maybe it is, but we had a lot of fun.

2. Alien Language Day

Imagine spending an entire day communicating in a made-up alien language, trying to understand each other’s “alien” expressions. It’s a hilarious way to connect and explore your creativity together.

3. Mad Scientist Kitchen

Whip up bizarre food concoctions in the kitchen, like pickle and peanut butter sandwiches or ice cream with ketchup (okay maybe not that). Taste test each creation together and see who can come up with the weirdest (but still edible) dish!

4. Sock Puppet Theatre

My neighbor told me about the time she and her grandson crafted sock puppets together and put on a hilarious show for the whole family. This creative activity is perfect for grandmas and grandkids to bond over laughter and storytelling.

5. Backward Day

Do everything backward for a day, from wearing clothes inside out to walking backward to even speaking in reverse. You and your grandchild will have so much fun trying to navigate the world in this silly, topsy-turvy way.

6. DIY Superheroes

Invent your own superhero personas, complete with costumes and unique superpowers. Save the day together in your imaginary adventures. My grandson still talks about the time we became “Super Granny” and “Lightning Kid” to defeat the “Pillow Monster.”

It doesn’t have to be halloween to pick up a fun costume.

7. Zombie Apocalypse Training

Pretend there’s a zombie apocalypse, and “train” together by making silly obstacle courses or planning escape routes. You’ll not only have a blast, but you’ll also create lasting memories of your wild adventures.

8. Grandma’s Got Talent

Host a talent show where you and your grandchild can showcase your most unique and goofy talents. I’ll never forget the day my granddaughter and I performed our hilarious interpretive dance routine for the family!

9. Time Travel Adventure

Dress up in different outfits from various decades and reenact scenes from history or imagine future scenarios together. You’ll learn more about each other while sharing laughs and creating unforgettable moments.

10. Odd Scent Detective

Make a game out of identifying strange smells. Blindfold each other and guess the mystery scent. This activity is sure to have you both in fits of laughter as you try to decipher the oddest aromas.

11. Indoor Camping

Set up a tent indoors and spend the night telling stories, making s’mores in the microwave, and stargazing through the window. This cozy experience will bring you closer as you share stories and laughter late into the night.

There are all sorts of fun tents for in the house – check them here 🙂

12. Underwater Adventure

Remember when my friend and her granddaughter filled the bathtub with water and toys, then put on goggles and snorkels to explore an imaginary underwater world? Try it with your grandchild for a splash of bonding fun.

13. Spooky Story Swap

Write and exchange silly, spooky stories with each other, then take turns reading them aloud in dramatic voices. You’ll get to know each other’s imaginations while having a hauntingly good time.

14. Opposite Art

Create artwork using the opposite hand you usually write with or paint with your feet. This wacky activity will bring out your inner artists and leave you with masterpieces to cherish.

15. The Great Grandma Bake-Off

Host a baking competition where both of you attempt to recreate a family recipe with a wild twist, like adding unusual ingredients. My granddaughter and I once made chocolate chip cookies with hot sauce, and we couldn’t stop laughing at our spicy creation.

16. Dance Like No One’s Watching

Have a dance party in the living room, trying out the most absurd dance moves you can think of. The sillier the moves, the more fun you’ll have together as you let loose and connect through laughter.

17. DIY Mini Golf Course

Design your own mini-golf course in the backyard or living room using household items as obstacles. You and your grandchild will have a blast testing your skills and competing in your unique, homemade course.

Check out this fun little set for in the house.

18. The Silly Olympics

Host your own “Silly Olympics” with ridiculous events like pillowcase races, egg-on-a-spoon races, or blindfolded obstacle courses. This is a great way to get active and make unforgettable memories together.

19. Creative Yoga

Invent your own yoga poses together and give them funny names, like “The Flamingo” or “The Pretzel.” Not only will you connect through laughter, but you’ll also enjoy the benefits of movement and relaxation.

20. Laughter Yoga

My friend and her grandson practiced laughter yoga together, a unique form of exercise that involves laughing for no reason at all. They couldn’t stop giggling, and it helped them bond over shared moments of pure joy.

21. “What If” Game

Take turns asking each other bizarre “what if” questions, such as “What if you could teleport, but only to the top of Mount Everest?” This game will encourage imaginative thinking and spark lively conversations.

Read and print my huge list of questions if you’d like.

22. The Joke-Off

Compete to see who can tell the silliest jokes or come up with the most ridiculous puns. This lighthearted competition will leave you both in stitches and feeling more connected than ever.

Another idea that’s similar: Tongue twisters!

23. Invisible Friend Playdate

Invite your grandchild’s imaginary friend over for a playdate, and engage in activities as if the friend were really there. This whimsical idea encourages creativity and allows you to share in your grandchild’s magical world.

And that’s enough of these ideas before you tell me I should go to the looney bin. I hope they inspired you in some way or another. If you end up doing any of them, do let me know!

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