13 Gifts That Will Keep Your Grandchildren Off The Screen 

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As grandparents, we’re always competing for the attention of our beloved grandchildren.

No matter how much time we spend with them, it never seems enough! 

And while it’s normal for kids to exercise curiosity and experiment with new ideas and technologies, screens have almost entirely dominated the attention economy. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, kids spend an average of 7.5 hours in front of a screen daily!

Screen time is a normal and unavoidable feature of modern life, but children often don’t know when to stop.

Thankfully, they have us grandparents to remind them how fun real-life games can be. These gifts will keep your grandchildren off the screen, affording you more quality time with the ones you love!

1. National Geographic Stunning Chemistry Set

National Geographic Stunning Chemistry Set

This chemistry set from National Geographic includes everything your grandchild needs to create over 15 easy and safe experiments, including:

  • Launching a rocket 
  • Creating a volcano
  • Making fizzy reactions 
  • Developing crystals 
  • And more! 

This product is appropriate for children ages eight and older since it includes some small pieces that may not be safe for babies.

2. My First Mind-Blowing Science Experiment Kit

If you’re searching for a chemistry set for younger kids, this is perfect! 

From renowned toymaker Scientific Explorer comes a science experiment set for children ages six and older. 

Your grandbaby can make colored crystals, color-changing volcanos, and more using this kit, and it is more affordable than others.

3. Candy Land Adventures Board

Candy Land board game

You might remember playing Candy Land as a child! I sure do.

The game was invented over 70 years ago and remained a popular pastime. Now you can enjoy the game with grandchildren as young as three.

This item includes a game board, four pawns, the card deck, and an instruction booklet. 

4. Wordle The Party Game

Wordle rose to fame over the pandemic and quickly became one of the most popular games ever.

Now, you can play Wordle with your grandchildren – without the screen.

The Wordle board game comes with dry-erase boards and markets and allows you to play three different variations on the popular game. 

It’s an excellent gift for kids 14 and up.

5. Melissa & Doug Super Smile Dentist Kit With Pretend Play Set of Teeth and Dental Accessories

From renowned toymaker Melissa & Doug comes a game that will inspire lofty aspirations! 

This dentist kit includes over 25 accessories for your grandkids to give cleanings, treat cavities, and fit braces and retainers. 

This game is great for kids who may need help with dental hygiene or acclimating to the dentist. It is fit for ages three to six. 

6. Dungeons & Dragons Yawning Portal Game

Dungeons and Dragons is a popular pastime among young people – and has been for several decades.

Now you can experience a timeless game in a new family-friendly format, allowing you to play along with your grandkids. 

Choose from over 68 characters and play with one to four people!

7. Madeline Book & Doll Set

Madeline Book & Doll Set

Long before computers and smartphones, there was Madeline, the little Parisian girl in a yellow hat and blue coat. 

This set includes the original Madeline book by Ludwig Bemelmans and a realistic 16’’ Madeline doll for your grandchild.

The set is appropriate for children of any age, and you can read the book alongside your loved ones. It’s a versatile gift for any grandchild. 

8. UNIDRAGON Original Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle: Intergalaxy Butterfly

Unidragon is a unique, family-owned company that makes gorgeous collectible wooden puzzles. 

You can choose from dozens of animals, but this Intergalaxy Butterfly takes the cake. It’s a beautiful puzzle that you can assemble with your grandchildren.

Best of all, it’s a puzzle you can easily glue and keep as an elegant decoration in your home, giving you a reminder of those great memories with your grandchildren! 

9. 101 Pooping Puppies Puzzle

101 Pooping Puppies Puzzle

This puzzle is sure to draw laughter from your whole family. 

The 101 Pooping Puppies puzzle is exactly what it sounds like: a composite of 101 puppies pooping! It’s a 1000-piece puzzle, so it is best suited for pre-teens and teenagers, but you can do this puzzle with the whole family. 

10. Lego Icons Succulents

Legos are a timeless favorite, and these Lego succulents are the perfect addition to an existing collection or a new set altogether.

This kit features nine different decorative Lego artificial plants, and it’s ideal for older children since it is relatively complex.

Your teen can now add brightness and color to their space without the upkeep of a living plant!

11. Minnie Mouse & Daisy Duck Magnetic Dress-Up Wooden Doll

Most of us got to play with paper dolls, which were notoriously fragile and short-lived.

Now, your grandchildren (three and up) can play with magnetic wooden dress-up dolls, which offer better value for your money and will last a long time.

You also can choose from a simple play set or add a mix-and-match dress-up option for a more creative agency.

12. ByronStatics Vinyl Record Player

ByronStatics Vinyl Record Player

Nowadays, kids have no choice but to turn to their screens to listen to music.

However, you can re-introduce them to the original technology that brought music to the ears of teens everywhere: the turntable.

This colorful turntable is affordable, robust, and easy to use. It will empower your grandchild to listen to music without inviting blue light exposure. 

13. New Phone, Who Dis? The 100% Offline Text Messaging Game

If you have difficulty getting a stubborn teen to quit texting, consider buying them this game.

The 100% offline text messaging game allows you to simulate funny phone conversations without the phone. Now, you can play with kids between three and 20 years old. This game is an excellent choice for family game nights.

Screens are here to stay. However, it’s up to us to teach our kids how to use them responsibly.

With any of the above gifts, you can keep your grandchildren off the screen and re-introduce them to the value of quality time.

And, you’ll earn brownie points if you play alongside them! 🙂

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