14 Words Grandmas Absolutely Do NOT Have In Their Vocabulary

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As a proud grandma, I can tell you firsthand that there’s nothing quite like the love and joy that comes from spending time with our precious grandchildren. We grandmas are known for our boundless affection and nurturing nature, making sure our grandkids feel cherished and supported.

Today, I’d like to share a lighthearted look at 15 words or phrases that you’ll rarely, if ever, hear a grandma say. These phrases aren’t in our vocabulary simply because we’re too busy being the loving grandmothers we are right?

And if you disagree with some, that’s okay. Every situation is different 🙂

1. No

When it comes to their grandchildren, grandmas have a difficult time uttering the word “no.” Their loving nature often leads them to indulge their grandkids’ whims and desires, even if it means bending the rules just a little. After all, what’s the harm in one more cookie, an extra bedtime story, or staying up past bedtime on a weekend?

2. I’m too tired

Grandmas seem to have a magical reserve of energy, especially when they’re with their grandchildren. Whether they’re playing, baking, or helping with homework, they always appear ready for the next adventure. It’s as if the joy of being with their grandkids keeps them going, making “I’m too tired” a phrase that’s simply not in their vocabulary.

3. That’s enough hugs

Is there such a thing as too many hugs? For grandmas, the answer is a resounding “no!” (ironically… considering #1 above lol). They cherish every moment of affection and connection with their grandchildren, and will never turn down an opportunity for a warm embrace. After all, hugs are a language of love that transcends generations.

4. Be quiet

While peace and quiet can be lovely, grandmas adore the sounds of their grandchildren’s laughter and chatter. They find joy in hearing their grandkids’ stories, jokes, and endless questions. So, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever hear a grandma asking her beloved grandkids to “be quiet.”

5. You’re on your own

Grandmas are known for their nurturing, supportive nature. They’re always there to lend a helping hand or a listening ear, whether it’s for a school project or a personal dilemma. The phrase “you’re on your own” simply doesn’t exist in their vocabulary, as they’re dedicated to helping their grandkids navigate life’s ups and downs.

6. I don’t have time

Time is a precious commodity, and grandmas are experts at making the most of it when it comes to their grandchildren. They’ll happily set aside their own plans and priorities to spend quality time with their grandkids, ensuring that they feel valued and loved.

7. You’ve had enough sweets

Let’s face it: grandmas are often the best bakers, and they delight in sharing their scrumptious creations with their grandkids. When it comes to sweets, grandmas rarely set limits, knowing that indulging in a treat now and then is part of the joy of childhood (and grandparenthood!).

8. Don’t ask me

With their wealth of life experience, grandmas are treasure troves of wisdom and advice. They’re more than happy to answer their grandchildren’s questions or offer guidance, even on the toughest of topics. The phrase “don’t ask me” simply isn’t part of a grandma’s repertoire.

9. I don’t care

It’s nearly impossible to find a grandma who doesn’t care deeply about her grandchildren’s well-being and happiness. They’re invested in every aspect of their grandkids’ lives, from school performances to soccer games, and everything in between. You won’t catch a grandma saying “I don’t care,” because they truly do.

10. Don’t bother me

The bond between a grandma and her grandchildren is precious, and it’s one that both parties cherish. Grandmas understand the importance of being present and available for their grandkids, whether it’s for a heart-to-heart conversation or simply enjoying each other’s company. They would never consider their grandchildren a “bother.”

11. My house is too clean

When it comes to their grandkids, grandmas know that a little mess is a small price to pay for the joy and creativity that fills their homes. Finger painting, baking cookies, and indoor forts might create some disarray, but the laughter and fun are well worth it. Grandmas don’t worry about having a spotless home when their grandchildren are around, as they understand that making memories is more important.

12. I’m too old for this

Age is just a number for grandmas when they’re with their grandchildren. They’re always ready to try new activities, whether it’s learning the latest dance craze or picking up a new video game. “I’m too old for this” isn’t a phrase you’ll hear from a grandma, because they embrace each new experience as a way to connect with their grandkids.

13. You should grow up faster

Grandmas have the unique ability to see the beauty in every stage of their grandchildren’s lives. They cherish the innocence and wonder of childhood, and never rush their grandkids to grow up too quickly.

14. I’ve seen enough of you

For grandmas, there’s no such thing as too much time spent with their grandchildren. They eagerly anticipate each visit and cherish the memories created during their time together. They always look forward to the next opportunity to share love, laughter, and life with their grandkids.

While these 15 words or phrases may not be part of our vocabulary – or maybe they are in the right settings – our love for our grandchildren knows no bounds. I hope you enjoyed the list. If you didn’t agree with all of them, that’s okay – thank you for reading!

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