Here Are 10 Important Life Skills Schools Don’t Teach Anymore But Grandmas Can

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Have you noticed that kids today are smart in terms of STEM and technology in general but are lacking in – err, everything else? While technology is essential today, the life skills of Millennials and younger are lacking, as they are no longer taught these things in a school setting.

How are they supposed to learn the basics of navigating life?

Once again, it’s grandma to the rescue! That’s right, grandma – you can be one of your grandchild’s best teachers by introducing them to these 10 essential life skills that schools don’t teach anymore: 

1. Hand sewing and mending

We live in a throwaway culture keen on eliminating things we deem imperfect. But why buy new when you can mend it? As clothes come and go with fleeting fashion trends, teach your grands the undying art of hand-sewing. It’ll save money and instill the philosophy of repair over replacement.

2. Home cooking

Sure, microwave dinners save time, and Doordash is convenient (albeit expensive!), but nothing beats the savory delight of a home-cooked meal. Forget those boxed mixes – it’s time to stir some love into those homemade casseroles and pies.

3. Writing by hand

Emails and texts might be quick, but there’s something personal about a handwritten note. Dive into the lost art of penmanship, sealing thoughts with a stamp and sending sentiments the snail-mail way. Better yet? You can teach your grands to master letter writing AND calligraphy!  

4. Gardening

When did we as a society get away from gardening? No, those veggies in the supermarket didn’t magically appear there, so show your grandchild(ren) the joy of turning a tiny seed into a full-blown salad. From sunflowers to bell peppers, gardening is not just planting but a lesson in planning patience and reaping rewards.

5. Budgeting

We live in an expensive time and require willpower and creativity to make our money go further. Start your grands off on the right foot by teaching them budgeting from an early age. Break out those old piggy banks and jars of change and teach them the worth of a dollar and the value of saving for rainy days.

6. Quilting and crafting

Beyond just a hobby, crafting like quilting or knitting spins tales of traditions, family, and the warmth of handmade love. It’s therapy, creativity, and a blanket all rolled into one. (It is also the most thoughtful gift you can give, if I say so myself.)  

7. All-natural remedies

Remember when your mama cured everything with chicken noodle soup and aloe? These still work! In fact, before there was an app for doctor’s appointments, there were home remedies and grandma’s trusted solutions. From honey for scratches to chamomile tea for a good night’s sleep, nature has its treatments, and they are often less expensive than any pharmaceutical.

8. Fixer-uppers

No, I don’t mean the show (though I do love me some Chip and Joanna Gaines!), but rather learning to fix things yourself. Arm your grandbabies with an essential toolkit and knowledge, and watch them conquer their castle’s minor glitches.

9. Map reading

Can you believe we used to get places without a phone telling us when and where to turn? Sure, Google Maps is a lifesaver, but the romance of plotting a journey on a paper map is a different thrill. Show your grands the world beyond the screen, one grid square at a time.

10. Manners

Swiping right is easy, but maintaining real-life connections requires grace and etiquette. From setting the table to mastering the art of conversation, turn them into charismatic charmers, one dinner party at a time.


What are you waiting for, grandma? Pull out those old photo albums, rustle up the family recipes, and share your wisdom because, in this age of digital immersion, your analog lessons might just be the ones they treasure the most.

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