20 Times Grandchildren Left Their Grandmas Speechless With A Life Lesson

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Who needs a self-help book when you have grandkids?

These tiny humans may not have all the answers, but they sure do have a lot of wisdom to impart on all of us! From the importance of embracing mistakes to never taking life too seriously, our grandkids have taught us some valuable life lessons.

I asked other grandmas to share stories about their grandkids where they had a moment they realized they can learn a whole lot from them.

Here are some of my favorites!

Magic and Imagination

“When my granddaughter was about 5, we were walking together and she pointed out a beautiful butterfly. I tried to explain the science behind how it flew, but she just said ‘I like to believe in magic’. It made me realize the value of imagination and wonder, and to not always rely on logic and reason.”

– Judy, Kansas

The Power of a Hug

“My grandson taught me to never underestimate the power of a simple hug. Whenever I was feeling down, he would wrap his arms around me and squeeze tight. It reminded me of the importance of physical touch and emotional connection.”

– Martha, Oregon

Embracing Different Sides

“One time, my granddaughter asked me why I always wore the same perfume. I explained that it was my signature scent. She replied, ‘But you’re not just one thing, you’re a whole person with different sides.’ It made me think about how we can limit ourselves by sticking to the same routine or habits.”

– Bev, Michigan

Embracing Mistakes

“My grandson and I were cooking together and I accidentally spilled some flour on the counter. Instead of getting upset, he laughed and said ‘That’s okay, Grandma, we’ll just make it part of the recipe!’ It taught me the importance of embracing mistakes and being flexible.”

– Agatha, Ohio

The Importance of Listening

“When my granddaughter was struggling with schoolwork, I tried to give her some advice on how to study better. She replied, ‘I know you mean well, Grandma, but sometimes I just need someone to listen to me.’ It reminded me that sometimes the best way to help someone is to just be there for them and listen.”

– Ida, Vancouver

Never Taking Life Too Seriously

“My grandson taught me to never take life too seriously. Whenever we played together, he would make silly faces and tell jokes. It made me realize the importance of laughter and joy in life.”

– Violet, London

Age is Just a Number

“One day, my granddaughter asked me to teach her how to knit. I was hesitant because I thought she might get frustrated, but she ended up being a natural. It taught me to not underestimate someone’s abilities based on their age or experience.”

Lottie, Florida

Respecting Others’ Journeys

“When my grandson was going through a tough time, I tried to offer some advice based on my own experiences. He thanked me for my wisdom but said, ‘I need to figure things out for myself, Grandma.’ It reminded me to respect other people’s journeys and let them find their own way.”

– Debra, Arizona

Finding Happiness in the Little Moments

“My granddaughter taught me to appreciate the small things in life. She would get so excited about simple pleasures like picking flowers or watching the clouds. It made me realize that happiness can be found in the little moments.”

– Linda, New York

Forgiveness and Letting Go

“One time, my grandson accidentally knocked over a vase and broke it. Instead of getting angry, I simply said ‘It’s just a thing, don’t worry.’ He hugged me and said ‘You’re the best, Grandma.’ It taught me the importance of forgiveness and letting go of material possessions.”

– Karen, Colorado

The Power of Curiosity

“When my grandson was little, he would always ask me a million questions. I used to get annoyed, but then I realized that his curiosity and desire to learn were so admirable. It taught me to never stop asking questions and seeking knowledge.”

– Cynthia, Massachusetts

Embracing Self-Expression

“My granddaughter taught me the value of self-expression. She would always wear bright, bold outfits and never cared what anyone else thought. It made me realize that we should embrace our unique identities and not worry about fitting in with others.”

Naomi, Alabama

The Journey is Just as Important

“One time, my grandson got upset because he didn’t win a game. I tried to console him by saying ‘Winning isn’t everything.’ He replied, ‘I know, Grandma, but it still feels good to try.’ It taught me that the journey is just as important as the destination.”

Dorothy, Ohio

Kindness and Empathy

“My granddaughter taught me to never judge a book by its cover. She befriended a boy who was always teased by others, and showed me that kindness and empathy can break down barriers.”

Maria, New Mexico

The Therapeutic Value of Journaling

“When my grandson was going through a tough time, he would write in his journal. I never realized how therapeutic journaling could be until I saw how much it helped him. It taught me to find healthy ways to express my emotions.”

Evelyn, Nebraska

Standing Up for Yourself

“My granddaughter taught me to always speak up for myself. She saw me being mistreated by a rude customer and told me, ‘You don’t deserve to be treated that way, Grandma.’ It made me realize that I should never tolerate disrespect.”

Deb, Ontario

Learning from Failures and Setbacks

“One day, my grandson asked me if I ever regretted anything in my life. I told him about some mistakes I had made, but he simply said, ‘Well, you learned from them, right?’ It reminded me that failures and setbacks can be valuable learning experiences.”

Vivian, Pennsylvania

Gratitude for the Little Things

“My granddaughter taught me the importance of gratitude. She would always say thank you for the little things, like a home-cooked meal or a hug. It made me realize that we should never take anything for granted.”

Gwen, South Carolina

Prioritizing Quality Relationships

“When my grandson was having trouble making friends, I tried to give him some advice. But then he told me, ‘I don’t need to be friends with everyone, just the people who make me happy.’ It taught me to prioritize quality over quantity in my relationships.”

June, Washington

Persistence in Pursuing Dreams

“My granddaughter taught me to never give up on my dreams. She would always draw and paint, even though she wasn’t the best. It made me realize that passion and persistence can overcome any obstacle.”

Ann, Georgia


In the end, it’s clear that our grandchildren have a lot to teach us.

From their unbridled joy and imagination to their unwavering determination and resilience, they have imparted valuable life lessons that will stay with us forever. Through the eyes of a child, we are reminded to embrace mistakes, pursue our dreams, and appreciate the little things in life.

We learn to listen, to forgive, and to prioritize the people who make us happy.

We are reminded that age is just a number, that individuality is to be celebrated, and that kindness and empathy can change the world. The lessons we learn from our grandchildren are timeless, and their impact on our lives will endure for generations to come.

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