Here’s What You Look Like Through Your Grandchildren’s Eyes

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Do you remember when you were a kid and just how perfect your grandma was?

She was intelligent, graceful, and talented, and you adored her and all of your time together! Guess what? Now YOU’RE the grandma, and you have grandkids who love you just as much as you loved your grandma. 

Not only do they love and cherish you, but they also see you in ways you may not see yourself, including: 


Laughing with Grandma
Flickr/Robin Woltman

Grandmas have a knack for telling the best stories in their own unique way, which can usually get a laugh or two from those who matter most: the grandkids! While you try to be intentionally funny, there are also times when it’s on accident, I.e., calling a toy by the wrong name or attempting to operate electronic devices. (Please tell me that my grandchildren and I are not the only ones who do this!)


Grandma looking sophisticated in glasses
Flickr/Nicholas Erwin

Where you see greys, your grandkids see precious silver that compliments your soft eyes and features. Where you see wrinkles, they see a smile that spans not only your mouth but your entire face. Where you see age spots on your hands, they see (and feel) nothing but soft and smooth skin. You’re beautiful, grandma, and don’t forget it! 

The best baker and chef in the history of the world 

Cathedral Bundt cake

Move over, Julia Child: grandma is here, and not only are her chocolate chip cookies stellar but so are her chocolate milk and Kraft macaroni and cheese. (Seriously – the way you make the stuff in the blue box is better than anyone else, as is how you microwave popcorn and chicken nuggets!)


Grandma as a queen
Flickr/Jenna Fox

What is it about grandmas that is so darn regal? Is it because you’re the matriarch of the family? Maybe it’s because you’re graceful and carry yourself like a queen? There’s just something special about you that makes you stand out from everyone else.


Grandmother feeling accomplished
Flickr/Lela Getzler

You may not feel financially prosperous, but your grandkids think you are! Think about it: You have the most special toys at your house, all of their favorite snacks, and, on special occasions, you slip them a crisp dollar bill. (But then again, you are the queen!)


An elderly woman knitting
Flickr/Tim Regan

You bake the best cookies, color the best pictures, AND you made your grandchild’s favorite blanket and stuffed animals. Is there anything you can’t do? To your grandkids (and the rest of your family), the answer is a resounding no.


Grandma posing for the camera
Flickr/Jessica Merz

A grandma’s job is to spoil, encourage, and love, which also comes off as being kind. Thank you for building up your grandkids and always listening to and supporting their endeavors! 


Woman reading with light in bed

Grandma’s are always reading, which sets an excellent example for the grandkids and makes grandma a wealth of information on several different topics. Did you also know that being a strong reader makes you an even better storyteller? Now you do. 


Grandma playing video games
Flickr/Christopher Holden

Do you remember when your grandkids’ parents were teenagers and thought you were a wet rag? Obviously, this isn’t the case, as your grandkids believe you are super fun (which, of course, you are).


Grandmother looking at her dog
Flickr/Todd Kulesza

Nobody gives hugs or back rubs or knows precisely the right words to say at the right moment quite like a grandma. You love your grandkids so much and make them feel more special than anyone else. 


Rolling some dice
Flickr/Nicole Mays

If you’re anything like me, you often find yourself with more questions than answers and wish you had the memory you had when you were younger. Don’t be too hard on yourself – you know lots of things, which is why your grandkids enjoy picking your brain on homework, history, cooking conversions, religion, etc. 


Grandma and her dog, Josie

No two grandmas are alike, and your grandkids wonder what they ever did to get YOU, the very best of them all! You, grandma, are the definition of unique in the way you talk and interact with them and carry yourself in general.


Welcoming Grandma with a hug

No matter their age (toddler, grade-schooler, or even adult), your grandkids know that grandma has their back! Whether they are nervous about their speaking role in an upcoming play or are dealing with some of the inevitable hardships that come with “adulting,” your grandchild knows they can always count on you for words of wisdom, a huge hug, or just a calming presence should they need one.


Grandma and granddaughter
Flickr/Bev Sykes

You always come up with the most fun ideas, whether running through the sprinkler, doing a particular craft, or taking a special picnic lunch to the park. Thanks for making your grandkids’ childhood such a magical one!

Do you see how special you are, dear grandma? You may not often feel it, but your grandkids think you are all this and a bag of chips. Remember not to be too hard on yourself, as you are loved and cherished. 

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