25 Hilarious Moments Only Grandmas Can Relate To

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When you are a grandma, you find that there are some things that only your fellow grandmas can appreciate, especially when it comes to things your grandkids say or do. To celebrate the joys and sisterhood that is being a grandma, I have compiled a list of 25 hilarious and heartwarming stories and anecdotes that every grandma will appreciate (because she’s been through something similar).

Each one is inspired by a different grandma’s true experience. How many can you relate to?

The 3 AM Club

One night, my granddaughter decided 3 AM was the perfect time for a tea party. Sleepily, I went to her room, expecting to find her upset. Instead, I found her with a teapot and two cups, ready for some ‘middle-of-the-night’ tea. The rest of the night was spent sipping imaginary tea and discussing stuffed animals. Who needs sleep anyway?

The Birthday Surprise

My grandkids decided to surprise me with breakfast in bed for my birthday. I got a tray full of cereal (without milk), an apple cut into peculiar shapes, and a cup of lukewarm coffee. The coffee tasted slightly of chicken broth, and upon inquiry, I discovered they had brewed it in the same pot where they had just cooked chicken soup. The thought was sweet, the breakfast, not so much!

The Artistic Makeover

Once, I babysat my 5-year-old granddaughter and dozed off on the couch. I woke up to find myself on the canvas of her artistic expression – lipstick smeared all over my face, blush on my forehead, and eyeshadow in my hair. I looked like a character straight out of a colorful horror movie.

The Lost Glasses Saga

I spent an entire afternoon looking for my glasses, turning the house upside down. I even had the grandkids join the search party. The glasses were finally found where I least expected – on top of my own head. The kids had a good laugh, and since then, it’s been the first place we look.

The Secret Chocolate Stash

I once caught my grandkids snooping around my room. They were on a mission to find my secret chocolate stash. I decided to have some fun and set up a treasure hunt with clues leading them around the house. The final clue led them to the fridge, only to find a plate of veggies with a note, “Eat your greens first!”

The Wrong Recipient

My grandson decided to send me a text message for the first time. The message read, “Hi, Jenny. Can I come over to play video games after school?” The poor boy had mixed up his friend’s number with mine. Now, every time he visits, I ask if he’s here to play video games.

The Creative Cook

I let my granddaughter help me bake cookies, but she insisted on adding her own ingredients. She sneaked in some hot sauce when I wasn’t looking. Those were the spiciest cookies anyone in our family had ever tasted. We now have a new rule – no hot sauce in the cookie dough!

The Unusual Pet

My grandson once brought home a stray dog and tried to hide it in his room. I kept hearing strange noises and finally discovered the furry intruder when he came wagging his tail into the kitchen. We had a long talk about responsibility and ended up adopting the dog, who is now a beloved part of our family.

The Technological Challenge

The grandkids gifted me a smartphone on my birthday. They were excited about teaching me how to use it, but I couldn’t even figure out how to answer a call. It took me a week to understand that the phone needs to be swiped, not tapped. Now, I occasionally ‘accidentally’ mess up so I can enjoy their cute, patient explanations.

The Hidden Talent Show

During a family get-together, the grandkids decided to host a talent show. I was chosen as the judge. I saw everything from peculiar dance moves, off-key singing, and magic tricks that failed spectacularly to my grandson’s dramatic reading of his favorite comic book. Despite the lack of discernible talent, it was the most entertaining, heartwarming evening.

The Ghostly Prank

One night, I decided to scare the grandkids with a ghost story. I told them about the “Haunting of the Old Maple Tree” in the backyard. They seemed scared, but not as much as I was when they decided to prank me later that night. They hung a white sheet from the tree and shone a flashlight on it. I screamed so loud that the entire neighborhood must have heard. They still tease me about the night I was out-ghosted.

The Slime Disaster

The grandkids wanted to make homemade slime. I thought, how messy could it be? Well, I soon found out. There was glue and food coloring everywhere – on the floor, the walls, even the ceiling! It took us two days to clean up. Now, we have a strict ‘no-slime’ policy in the house.

The Unintentional Dye Job

I asked my granddaughter to bring me my hair spray from the bathroom. She brought me a can that looked just like my hairspray but was actually her mother’s temporary pink hair color. I ended up with bright pink hair for a week. I must admit, though, it was quite a conversation starter at the grocery store.

The Misplaced Phone

I was frantically looking for my phone one day, worried I’d left it at the supermarket. As a last resort, I decided to call it from the landline. To my surprise, the ringing sound was coming from the fridge! I’d accidentally put it in there while putting away the groceries. Now, the grandkids joke that I’m trying to make ‘cool’ calls.

The Challenging Yoga Class

I thought having the grandkids join my online yoga class would be fun. I hadn’t anticipated the chaos. They thought Downward Dog was a game and the Warrior Pose was meant for sword fighting. Despite the pandemonium, it was the most fun I’ve had during yoga. I’m thinking of renaming it ‘Laughter Yoga.’

The Unexpected Artwork

I babysat my grandkids and took a quick bathroom break. I returned to find a living room wall turned into a grand mural of scribbles and doodles. My grandkids, proud of their work, stood by with grins on their faces. It took a can of paint and a lot of elbow grease to erase their little masterpiece.

The Great Outdoors Indoors

Once, on a rainy day, the grandkids were upset they couldn’t go outside to play. So, I decided to set up a tent in the living room and have an indoor camping experience. We made s’mores in the microwave, told ghost stories, and even had a fake campfire on the TV. The only downside? The ‘camping trip’ lasted a week as they refused to take the tent down!

The Mix-Up

I once sent my grandson to the store to buy some “flour” for baking. He came back with “flowers” instead. We ended up having a beautiful centerpiece on the table, but no cookies that day!

The Secret Agent

I found my grandson sneaking around the house with a notebook, jotting down everything. He finally confessed that he was playing detective and I was his prime suspect! Apparently, the case was about the ‘mysterious disappearance of cookies.’ It was hard to keep a straight face while being interrogated.

The Surprise Concert

The grandkids decided to put on a surprise concert for me. They practiced in secret, making quite a ruckus. When the day came, I was treated to a unique rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ (even though it wasn’t my birthday), complete with a toy drum set and a terribly out-of-tune guitar. It was the best performance I have ever seen, not because of the music, but because of the love and effort they put into it.

The Not-So-Whispered Plans

The grandkids thought they were being sneaky, whispering their plans to surprise me with breakfast in bed. Their whispers, however, were louder than their regular conversations. So, I had the pleasure of pretending to be surprised when I was served a heaping plate of slightly burnt toast and scrambled eggs swimming in ketchup.

The Backseat Driver

My grandson recently learned about road signs in school. So, every time I drove him around, he turned into my personal backseat driver. He made sure to loudly point out every stop sign, speed limit, and pedestrian crossing. I never realized how stressful a trip to the grocery store could be!

The Unexpected Bath

I was giving my granddaughter a bath, and she decided it would be fun to turn the tables. Before I knew it, I was drenched head to toe in soapy water. She was giggling uncontrollably while I stood there, soaked and surprised. I learned my lesson – always change into something you don’t mind getting wet before bath time!

The Ice-Cream Substitute

One hot summer day, the grandkids wanted ice cream, but we’d run out. I didn’t want to disappoint them, so I gave them frozen peas as a ‘healthy substitute.’ I told them it was a special kind of green ice cream. They were suspicious but tried it anyway. To this day, they still believe they had green ice cream that day!

The Candy Canes in July

I found a forgotten stash of candy canes from last Christmas and decided to put them out. My grandson asked why we had candy canes in July. Thinking on my feet, I told him it was to celebrate ‘Christmas in July.’ Now, he wants to put up the tree and expects presents!

How many of these can you relate to? I got the biggest kick out of these and hope you did, too! Isn’t being a grandma so much fun?

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