10 Steps to Making Your Home a Heartfelt Haven for Grandkids

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Do you remember when you were a little girl and what it felt like to visit your grandma’s house? It was a happy place full of exciting things to see, delicious treats, and, of course, your beloved grandparents – your favorite people. Today, your home is the same for some special children because you are now the grandma, and your home is the magical and memorable place you remember from childhood.

There is no place like grandma’s house.

While your home is already a haven for your grands, you can make it feel even safer and more secure for them by doing these 10 quick and easy things:

1. Memory corner

Creating a cozy memory corner is a unique way to make your home a haven AND teach your grandkids about their heritage. Set up a special nook in your home that is filled with old photos, trinkets, and tales from the past, and let your grandkids dive deep into family history, giving them a sense of belonging and understanding of their roots.

2. Snack stash

Remember that old Snoopy cookie jar you inherited from your mother-in-law (your kids’ grandma)? Bring it back to life by filling it with their favorite treats and occasionally adding in the old-time favorites from your childhood for a nostalgic touch.

3. Craft cart

Roll in a cart filled with art supplies. (The beauty of using a cart is that you can roll it back into the closet when your grandkids go home!) From colorful markers to glittery papers, let their imaginations run wild. Remember, your walls could use a bit of grandkid art flair.

4. Storytime nook

Grandmas and storytime go hand in hand, so dedicate a comfy corner in your home to fluffy cushions, soft blankets, and a collection of classic bedtime stories. Even if they aren’t staying the night, you and your grand can cuddle up for a marathon of great children’s literature!

5. Secret handshakes and hugs

Secret handshakes are equal parts fun and memorable, so why not share one with each grandbaby? Having this fun little secret will deepen your bond, making them feel like they’re part of an exclusive grandma-grandkid club.

6. Nature treasure hunt

Your garden can be a land of adventure! Who knew? Plant interesting flowers, hide tiny surprises, or even set up bird feeders and let your grands discover the wonders of nature right in your backyard.

7. Tea and talking

Introduce a special teapot to your grands, whether it is one you have had forever or one you recently thrifted. Whenever it’s poured (with tea, juice, cocoa, or what have you), it’s an indication that it’s time to sit, sip, and share stories, dreams, or even little worries.

8. Puzzle and game shelf

Dust off those old board games and puzzles – it’s time to create a special place to browse and play! Having a dedicated game shelf in your home signals an open invitation for a playful challenge anytime your grands wish.

9. Music and dance hour

Designate an hour each time they visit where you put on old records or their favorite tunes and dance away. This should be a joyous time and a way for them to shake off any lingering stress. (Believe me: This is just as fun for grandma as it is for the kids!)

10. The worry box

Place a little container in a discreet spot where your grands can scribble down worries or questions they’re too shy to voice. Every so often, open it together, discuss, and let those worries fly away.


With these little additions, your home won’t just be a house but a heartfelt haven where memories are made and stories come alive. The magic of grandma’s house is evergreen, and with these touches, it’ll be even better for those sweet grandbabies. Enjoy!

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