13 Grandma Stereotypes: How Many Of Them Fit You?

Are you a stereotypical grandma?

Sure, we are all different and unique in our own ways, but there are still certain boxes that we cannot all help but check! (I guess it’s a grandma thing?)

While stereotypes can be bad, I think they are good when it comes to being a grandma, as it shows we are all connected in specific ways. Here are a few grandma stereotypes that will make you smile: 

1. You hoard (I mean stock up on) food before the grandkids visit 

Flickr/Steven Lilley

Goldfish? Check. Some sort of freshly-baked pastry? Check. Ice cream in the freezer? Is that even a question? Grandmas like to keep our pantries stocked for whenever the grandkids visit! (You call it excessive, I call it prepared.) 

2. Grandmas habitually ask their grandkids if they are hungry


Even if they just finished a huge lunch, there is an instinct in grandmas that makes us worry that maybe our grandkids are still hungry and need more sustenance. We can’t help it, okay? Now, have another cookie!

3. You watch an exorbitant amount of baking shows 

Flickr/Marco Verch Professional Photographer

They say all grandmas are great cooks and bakers (we are!), but where do you think we get it? We want to give credit where credit is due, so shout out to Ree Drummond (and other Food Network personalities) and Mary Berry. These shows are not only fun and educational but also very relaxing and make great background noise for afternoon naps.

4. You enjoy your afternoon naps 

Flickr/Jessica Merz

Yes, I take afternoon naps while I watch DVR episodes of the Kids Baking Championship, and I have zero shame! 

5. Your grandkids’ favorite toys were once their parents, as you thought ahead and saved them

Flickr/Kasey Eriksen

They don’t make toys like they used to (especially in terms of quality!), which is why I am incredibly grateful that I saved my kids’ old Little People sets, Matchbox cars, and Barbies, as my grandkids have an absolute field day playing with them. 

6. Grandmas have a complicated relationship with technology 


Isn’t modern technology the best… until it isn’t? Having the ability to DVR Kids Baking Championship and Facetiming my grandkids are two of my favorite modern marvels, but why must these gadgets act up at the most inopportune times? Even more puzzling, why must they be so darn hard to troubleshoot? 

7. If anyone needs tissues, gums, mints, a red crayon, or a small sewing kit, you have it in your purse


Is it just me, or did we raise a generation that is not nearly as prepared for every possible situation as we are? Never fear, grandma is here with her purse full of toothpicks, band-aids, cash and coins, and a few packets of Saltine crackers.

8. Rules? There are no rules with grandma!

Flickr/Neil Winton

When the grandkids spend the night at grandma’s (or even if they visit for an afternoon), all of the standard rules and expectations go out the window, as your home is a place of childhood dreams. Ice cream for dinner? Why not? Do you want to stay up way past your bedtime and watch cartoons? Say no more! Should we skip naps and go to the park? You get the idea.  

9. You have a pet (or pets) that keeps you busy when you aren’t with your grandkids

Flickr/Dave Photography…

I don’t know about you, but I don’t get to see my grandkids daily and wanted to take care of something else while I waited for our next visit. I have a cat (who thinks she is my grandkids’ second mother) and many grandma friends who also have cats, dogs, birds, and fish. 

10. Grandmas like to brag about their grandkids to everyone they meet

Flickr/Micah Sittig

How can you not brag about your grandchild when they are so adorable, bright, talented, and funny? You want to shout it from the rooftops and share their pictures and stories with friends and family in person and on Facebook.

11. Your grandchild is cuter than literally anyone else’s grandchild


You can’t help it that your grandchild is more adorable than anyone else’s, so you really can’t help but share their photo and constantly brag about them. (When you think about it, you are doing others a service by sharing your grandchild with them!) 

12. Grandmas are always reading

Flickr/Nicole Mays

No matter when your grandchild visits, you have your nose in a book, Kindle, or magazine, as you love to read. When you read in front of your grandchild, you are contributing to your own enjoyment, setting a great example, and pathing the way for the next generation of readers. 

13. You question some of your grandchild’s parents’ decisions

Flickr/Mark Baylor

You probably only do this in your head, but if you are like me, you have questioned some of your child’s parenting skills and think they are being too hard or strict with certain things. One thing I have learned is to let them parent the way they see fit and to only intervene in dangerous situations. 

Tell the truth: How many of these stereotypes do you fit? I must admit that I check nearly all of these boxes and am proud of it! I hope this list gave you a big smile because you deserve it, sweet grandma. Let’s talk again soon!  

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