The 10 Golden Rules For Celebrating The Individuality Of Every Grandchild

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God broke the mold when He made your grandchild(ren). Seriously, have you ever seen a more unique, beautiful, intelligent, and funny child in your life? Not only that, but this said little person is YOUR grandchild. What a huge blessing!

A grandchild like yours deserves to be celebrated every day. No, I don’t mean with gifts or general spoiling, but rather by celebrating their individuality. How does one do this? You can start with these 10 golden rules that celebrate the uniqueness of every grandchild: 

1. No comparisons, please!

Okay, we’ve all been there, innocently noting how Jimmy started walking before his cousin Lily. But guess what? Lily can sing the entire alphabet song while standing on one leg. Every kiddo has a unique timeline and talent, so let’s steer clear of the comparison game and praise your grands for who they are.

2. Nurture their wild interests

So, your grand wants to be a pirate today and an astronaut tomorrow? Brilliant – we are here for it! Dive into their worlds with them, knowing it might be a phase or an actual passion. Either way, it’s all about the journey, which Grandma is here for!

3. Ears wide open

The tales these tots tell – don’t you wish you could write down everything they say? From school dramas to their new favorite bug, tuning in makes them feel like the stars of their own show (and isn’t that the best seat in the house?).

4. One-on-one time is golden

Whether it’s a day out or just a quick ice cream run, having that solo time makes your grandbaby feel like the VIP in your life – and vice versa. The best part? You never know what adventure you will stumble upon next.

5. Party like it’s their birthday

Who says it has to be a holiday to celebrate? Every day is worth celebrating, so make a big deal about even the small things! When it is their birthday, let them steer the ship. Dinosaurs in space? Rainbow unicorns under the sea? You got it! The sky is the limit when it comes to what they can dream up!

6. Choice matters

Green socks with red sandals? Why not! As long as it’s safe, let them flaunt their unique style as they’re building their identity one quirky choice at a time.

7. Express yourself!

Maybe it’s through a splash of paint or a twirl in the living room, or perhaps it’s a song they made up about spaghetti. Whatever it is, stand back and enjoy the show, as these moments where your grandkids’ hearts are on display won’t last forever. (Trust me – it gets harder to decipher the older they get!)

8. A vote in the family

Simple choices can make your grands feel so grown-up and important. Should we have spaghetti or tacos for dinner? It may seem like such a small thing, but valuing their opinion – no matter their age(s) – boosts their confidence big time.

9. Stories over sermons

Tales of your misadventures can be more impactful than a list of do’s and don’ts. (Do you like being lectured at? Neither do I!) Besides, who can resist a story where Grandma accidentally dyed her hair blue?

10. All-weather love

Sunshine or stormy, in their superhero or grumpy gremlin mode, your love remains steadfast. That’s the secret sauce, isn’t it – Knowing they’re loved for just being them.


When you think about it, celebrating our grandkids’ individuality is one of the greatest gifts we can give. After all, in our eyes, they’re each a once-in-a-lifetime kind of wonder – and one that we get to love and dote on for the rest of our lives!

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