3 Ways You Can Be Sure To Create Quality Time With The Grandkids

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As grandparents, we all want to connect with our grandchildren as much as possible. Especially if we don’t see them all that often, it’s important to make the most of this limited time together. But we don’t want to stress about it or overthink it and let that ruin the moment. In the video below, we see three simple tips to ensure we are creating quality time with the grandchildren every single time we’re around them! 🙂

Make sure the first thing you say around them is positive

When you see or interact with your grandchild(ren), make sure the very first thing you say is positive. This sets the tone and gets the day off on the right foot! First impressions mean everything, and we want to condition their hearts to be filled with joy when they see Grandma!

Engage in their areas of interest

Make sure to prioritize their areas of interest, not yours or those of other family members. It’s important for them to know their interests and hobbies matter, and it helps shape the kids into the people they want to become.

Verbalize your commitment to them

Make every effort to keep your promises to them and not get sidetracked by other things. The grandchildren will learn they can count on you, and there’s no better feeling than that! Being fully engaged will help strengthen your bond even more.

And there you have it! These three tips seemed pretty straightforward and important enough to highlight, so I thought I would share them with fellow grandmothers just to keep these things at the front of our minds. Because nothing is more important than our relationships with our grands! 🙂

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