Counting Our Blessings As Grandmas This November

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It’s officially November, which means it is Thanksgiving month. While it is easy to get stressed out with the hustle and bustle of preparing and serving a large Thanksgiving feast, it is essential to take some time to reflect on all of your blessings, which is what the holiday is really about. 

It isn’t Thanksgiving yet, but I sat down the other day to journal everything I am thankful for, which – with me being me – turned into a full-blown essay. Since we grandmas have a unique sisterhood and connection, I wanted to share my words with you in hopes that they resonate with you, too. 

November is coming, and it is time to give thanks for all the blessings we have. 
I have my family, a roof over my head, a full refrigerator, and live in the greatest country in the world, 
Yet I have a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Women and children are being killed overseas,
As hostages sit in tunnels, wondering if they will ever see their families again.
Countless are homeless on the streets, and children are growing up quicker than ever, thanks to social media and their peers. 
Sometimes, it is hard to see the good. 

Amidst the shadows of the news, the heartache I feel when I hear stories from afar, and the changes in the world around us, 
There is still a glow that pierces through the dark: The love that we, as grandmas, give and receive. It's the constant, the beacon, and the safe harbor.

Every time I look into the eyes of my grandchild, I see hope. 
I see a future that's bright and unspoiled. 
I see possibilities. 
Their innocent laughter, their curious questions, and their simple joys remind me that there's a lot of good in this world. 
It's in their hugs, their stories, their dreams.

Around our dinner tables, the conversations might shift from past to present, but one thing remains the same: The love we share as a family. 
This month, as we gather for Thanksgiving, let's make it a point to focus on those moments. Let's create memories that our grandchildren will cherish and pass on.

Yes, there are challenges and heartaches. 
But there are also countless little miracles happening around us every day. 
The sunrises that paint the sky, the kindness of a stranger, the moments of understanding and empathy we share with our children and grandchildren – these are the blessings we can count on.

You are blessed, grandma. I pray that you can take some time this month to count all the ways you are. God bless you.

I want to challenge you, my fellow Devoted Grandma, to list your greatest blessings this month. There may be times when you feel like there is not much to be grateful for, but remember that you are still alive, you are loved, and you are here for a reason.

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