Babysitting Grandkids Can Add Years To Your Life (Even If It Feels Like The Opposite)

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It turns out that babysitting your grandkids can actually add years to your life even though it might seem like it’s taking some away.

I always knew my grandbabies gave me a purpose for living, but it turns out it’s even better for us than we even realized.

Some researchers found out that not only is free childcare from grandmas and grandpas a lifesaver for parents (hello, sky-high childcare costs!), but it also comes with a bonus gift of longer life for the grandparents. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Read on below for details.

The Berlin Aging Study followed the lives of 500 seniors aged 70 and up for 20 years. They looked at three groups:

  1. grandparents who helped with their grandkids
  2. seniors who cared for non-family members
  3. those who didn’t play caregiver for anyone.

The results? Grandparents who helped out with their grandkids had a whopping 37 percent lower mortality rate. That’s right, ladies—more time spent with the grandkids means more years to enjoy them.

Dr. Ronan Factora from the Cleveland Clinic says there’s a good reason for this. As we age, it’s essential to stay active, social, and mentally stimulated, and guess what? Spending time with the grandkids ticks all those boxes! Plus, despite the occasional hair-pulling moments that come with looking after little ones, caregiving can actually reduce stress.

And we all know stress and aging go together like cookies without milk (that is, not at all).

Now, before you go signing up for full-time nanny duty, Dr. Factora reminds us that moderation is key. You want to find that sweet spot between enjoying the benefits of spending time with the grandkids and not getting too overwhelmed. After all, you still need some “me time” to enjoy your golden years.

So, there you have it. Our grandchildren are blessings far beyond what we even realized – they literally can give us the gift of (more) life.

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